Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weekend stuff: Boston and wedding edition

Hello all! Yes, this post is a little late, but I have been so busy since I came home from my trip. It's amazing how busy you get when you've been gone for four days. 

So, Friday night I left for Maryland without my husband because they didn't approve his leave. With the trip happening right after deployment and with our orders and all the stuff he has to do, they wouldn't approve him for the trip! That's the military for ya! Anyways! I totally forgot that we were going on a trip during Memorial Day weekend, so trying to leave VA, Beach was a pain in the butt! I got stuck in traffic at the bridge toll and then on the bridge I got stuck in traffic at the second tunnel. Fun. By the time I got out of traffic and actually got off the bridge it was almost 8 o'clock and I hadn't had dinner yet. I decided to stop at the McDonald's right after the bridge and of course everyone else did too. I was so hungry that I just dealt with it. All and all it took me four and a half hours to get home when it usually takes three hours. Blah.

Saturday morning the boys and I met my dad and Kelly at his house at seven and then we hit the road. I road in a second car with my brothers and they had me dying laughing the whole way there. We had really great weather until we got to New Jersey and then it poured and poured the rest of the way! The rain wasn't enough though. We just had to hit a ton of traffic in New York. I guess everyone else was taking their vacation too! Even the pouring rain and traffic wasn't enough to make our trip rough! 

My dad was trying to switch lanes and a tractor trailer hit him! Thank goodness my dad and Kelly were okay, but the car was not. The tractor trailer took the whole left side panel off the Sante Fe and the panel was hanging down really low. Thank goodness the truck didn't hit my dad's tire or that the panel wasn't hitting the tire as it hung off the car. We pulled off the side of the road and waited for the police to come. We waited nearly two hours and they never came, so we left. After the accident we followed behind my dad just to watch after him since we were still in a lot of traffic. We finally got to our hotel room in Foxboro, MA around 6:30! What was supposed to be a seven hour drive turned into a twelve hour drive. My goodness! 
The best Starbucks drink EVER
A rainy New York City
Sunday was the wedding day! The morning of the wedding we went to Whole Foods to pick up our food for the wedding. Everyone was to bring a covered dish so we would have a variety of food. I am now officially obsessed with Whole Foods, especially because of their bakery. If you know me, you know I have the biggest sweet tooth around! I was in heaven when I saw their bakery. My older brother told me to focus on the fact that we'd be eating wedding cake at the wedding so, no, I didn't buy anything from the bakery. Boo! I finally pryed myself away from the bakery and we picked out our food to bring. We bought potato salad, grilled vegetables, macaroni salad and a huge vegetable tray. We had enough food to feed an army!

After we got back to our hotel, it was time to get ready because the wedding was a half hour away from us. We got to the house where the wedding was around 12ish. It was such a wonderful feeling to spend time with family that I haven't seen in forever! I got to see my Aunt Joy and her parents, which I love by the way, my cousin Sara and my cousin Josh, whom was the groom! I couldn't wait to see my cousin Sara again because her and I have become really close over the past couple years. I missed her so much. 

Besides having a little family reunion, the wedding was so beautiful and amazingly perfect. It was wonderful to see Josh so grown up and in love. It was also so nice to meet his new wife, Erica, and all of her family. We have a new Morgan(my maiden name)in the family now! So awesome! It was wonderful to have this day with family and friends to witness two people commit their lives together, especially after the drive we had the day before. It was also nice to see my dad relax and enjoy himself and not worry about the car accident. I don't think I worried about anything on this day, which is very rare for me. I would love to have more days like that!
Before the wedding 
My crazy brother, Chris. I love this kid.
Chris and I 
Being silly with both of my brothers
My beautiful cousin, Sara, to the right
The bride and groom
First dance as the Morgan's 
The bride dancing with her grandfather 
Cake time
My handsome dad
The delicious seafood restaurant at the outdoor mall we ate at later Sunday night. I got the fish tacos and my dad got the lobster roll. Yummy! 
Monday we did a lot before leaving to go home. We got up early and got breakfast at Panera. Delicious as usual. We then drove around and went back to the outdoor mall to do some shopping since they were already closed when we came the previous night. I got a couple of Boston t-shirts which I really wanted so I could show my support for Boston! I also got some hand sanitizers, lotion and body spray from Bath and Body Works. I got four antibacterial soaps, a lotion and body spray for $17 with coupons and sales! I always get a lot for my money there! Yay! Then after we left the mall, we went to Patriot Place to see the Patriot's stadium and so Chris could go shopping at the Pro store. I am noooo Patriots fan, but I have to admit that their stadium is pretty sweet looking! Anyways, go Ravens!!! haha!
After we saw the stadium, it was time for the drive back home to Maryland of which we got back really late. This time we did hit a little traffic, but we didn't have any pouring rain or car accidents! Thank goodness everything turned out better this time. I had such a blast with my brothers! I love them both so much! It is moments like those in the car that I will miss the very most about them! I feel so lucky to have such awesome siblings! I had a great time with my family all around! I am lucky to have such an awesome father and awesome brothers. I am also lucky to have another mother figure in my life to keep me sane while being on a trip with my crazy dad and brothers. Thanks a bunch, Kelly! :)
Tuesday I ran errands and got sushi with mom before leaving to drive back to Virginia around two o'clock. It was nice to just hang out with my mom for a little while before driving back to Virginia! I got back home around five and my husband was already cooking dinner! Man oh man did I miss my boys!

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