Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blog every day in May: Day four

So I am still trying to play catch up with this blog every day in May link up! Now that my husband is home and we have the computer again, I will start to link up my posts for this link up. Blogger Mobil only lets me do so much, so I am looking forward to blogging on a real computer again! Any who! Today is day four of the challenge and today's post is "your favorite quote"! I just came across this quote on Facebook and loved it! This quote definitely describes how I have been feeling lately with just turning 26 and not having some things accomplished that I thought I would have done by this age. Sometimes I feel like I am growing up too fast to do certain things that I haven't done, but I am learning that it does not matter how old I am, I can still do all of those things that I want to do! I am still young even though I may not feel so young! We are never too old to make our dreams come true and we would all do well to remember that! :)

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