Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog every day in May: Day fifteen

Alrighty! Today's post in the #BlogeverydayinMay challenge is "a day in the life". Basically, you will get a tour of what a typical day is like for me. You will get to be in my shoes. Yay! Well, they aren't glamorous or anything, but I do feel like my days are special, especially since my days include my husband again! You also get to see how much of a routine person I am. I am so routine that it's just funny sometimes. I just love having a routine and a schedule for my day. 

So here we go! My day starts at 7:00AM every day. As soon as my alarm goes off I jump right out of bed and in to my life. I pry Leo out from underneath the covers to take him potty and to feed him. As soon as I'm done with him, he usually runs back upstairs to get back in bed with Jarrett. I then fix my breakfast and hang out a little before getting ready for work. 
My routine for getting ready for work goes a little something like this: around 8:00AM I wash and condition my hair,  then while my hair air dries a little, I do my make up and put my favorite body butter on. After makeup and lotion, I blow dry my hair and then straighten it. It takes me about fifteen minutes to do my make up and lotion, ten minutes to dry my hair and about ten or so minutes to straighten my hair. 
After my hair and makeup, I brush my teeth and rinse and gargle with Listerine. Now I'm ready to get dressed with the outfit and earrings that I picked out the night before. I love picking out my outfit and earrings the night before. I've done this since I was a little girl. I also make my lunch the night before! After I am all dressed and ready, I make our bed. I can NEVER leave the house without our bed being made. I just don't feel right, lol.
So now that the bed is made (haha) I am ready to head out the door. While Jarrett was gone, I would take Leo potty one last time and put him in the kitchen, but now I don't have to do this step anymore. I grab my purse, lunch, Tervis tumbler and nook and I am ready to go! I blast my Christian or Country music all the way to work and I am happy! 
From 9:30AM to 5:00 or 6:00PM Tuesday through Saturday, I am at Hallmark. Yes, working retail still is definitely not my idea of a job or career after college, but I am beyond blessed to have this job. I am even more blessed to have a retail job that gives me full time hours, a lot of responsibility and a ton of experience that will help me obtain a full time career in Alaska. My day at the store consist of doing all kinds of displays, doing fashion displays, making signs on MS Word to market our products and sales, helping my manager with Word and Excel when needed (she cracks me up when it comes to these programs), talking with and helping our customers, playing with cards A LOT (of course), checking in and putting out new product, and taking care of the store whenever my manager is off for the day or is on vacation. When my manager is gone from the store, my day consist of many more other tasks, but I won't get into all those other details because then I'd be writing forever. 
When I get off from work, Jarrett and I either go out to eat, cook dinner together or just eat whatever at home. Sometimes we eat dinner at the in laws and just hang out together. 
After dinner, Jarrett and I usually go to the gym. We've been going a lot since his return and I am trying to go at least four to five times a week. If we don't go to the gym or if I don't feel like going that night I either run errands, stay inside and work on my Alaska to-do list/Alaska research/Alaska full time job search, be lazy and hang out with my boys on the couch or catch up on my soaps operas or evening shows. 
By the end of the night, it's blog time. I play around with my blog, figure out ways to make it better, figure out how to become a better blogger, read a lot of other blogs, comment on other posts and I do my post(s) for the day. Now that the Blogger App is even more accessible, I have been doing the majority of my posts through my IPhone. So convenient! 
After my blogging job is done for the evening I get ready for bed by washing my face and taking my shower. I love taking my showers at night so I feel all squeaky clean when I go to bed. I also read before bed, or at least try to fit reading in if I'm not too tired by this point. I try to be in bed by 11:00PM, but I do like to read in bed for a little before bed. I usually read on my nook, but I am finishing up the Hunger Games series finally of which I bought the books before Jarrett got me my Nook. These are the last books I have to read and then I can start reading the rest of the books that I recently bought on my Nook. 
Whew! I am exhausted just from writing this post. It's tiring having to recall your day and write about it. I don't mind my days at all though. They are much better now knowing that my husband is home when I walk in the door. I know my routine won't always be this way and it is about to change very soon, but I love it. 

What is your day like?
Would you like to be in my shoes for one day?
Do you have a daily routine too?


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