Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear husband, I LOVE having you home again. I feel alive again having you around me all the time again. You are so cute and handsome. Sometimes I can't take it. I love seeing you with Leo. You are such a good fur daddy to him. I love our life and I can't wait for our life in Alaska. I love you so much. Dear Leo, You are being such a good boy right now as we drive to Maryland. I bet you cannot wait to see your Gamaw and Sophie. I know they cannot wait to see you. I also bet you're glad that your daddy is home again. Your family is all together again! Dear summer like weather, Boy oh boy am I going to miss you like crazy when we move. I am trying to not take you for granted, but I am so use to having you around right now that's it's going to be so hard to leave you. I guess I'll just have to make friends with the cold, snowy weather! Dear husband, You make me laugh so much. You've picked out a song to make Leo fall asleep in the car and it worked. You and Leo make my life, seriously! How did I get so lucky? P.S- You really are cute. Just saying!

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