Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Five and blog every day in May: Day ten

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic week just like I did. I know I have a job where I work weekends most of the time, but I still get excited when it's Friday! I think it's just a right of passage to be happy when it's Friday no matter what your job is!
1. Today is the tenth day in the #BlogeverydayinMayChallenge and today's topic is "embarrassing moments". I have had many many embarrassing moments in my 26 years of life, but I think one of the funniest was when my husband and I were at Bass Pro Shops. It was a hot summer day so of course I was wearing a cute little summer dress. We were walking out of the store and of course, since I was wearing a dress and all, I tripped on the sidewalk and face planted into the mulch! BAM! As soon as I got myself up off the ground my husband and I both busted out laughing so hard. It was hysterical! Jarrett even pretended that he didn't know me for a second, haha!

2. This has been the perfect week. Just having my husband home is perfect. We have been oh so busy ever since he came home and I LOVE it! This week we have been working out a lot together, eating healthier together, cooking healthier food together, cooking dinner together every night, playing with our adorable puppy and having family time with the in laws. I feel so blessed and happy to have him home. It is the best feeling!
The delicious bagel sandwich the hubby made for breakfast yesterday! So scrumptious!

3. I finally finished the Fifty Shades of Grey book series. I am usually a much faster reader, but lately I have put reading last instead of making it a priority like I use to.  Now that I am making reading at the top of my list again, I want to start doing a book review series so I can share with you my views on a particular book or series. I have always wanted to do book reviews because all I want to do after I finish a book is talk about it non stop! I am working on my Fifty Shades book review and will start posting soon so be on the look out! 
4. I have found a Yankee Candle scent that I am completely obsessed with! Summer Scoop is amazing! It is basically a wild berry ice cream type smell which is the perfect candle to burn to give your home that summery smell. We just got them in at my store and I had to buy it right away after trying out the votives from the outlet store. It smells so good that you might just try and eat it! 
5. I have a very busy weekend and work week coming up, but it is all worth it just to be able to spend time with family the next two long weekends! I am beyond excited! I always get even more excited when it is Jarrett's first trip home after a deployment! I just can't wait for everyone to see him again. We have a little less than two months until our big move to Alaska so any trips home or any visitors means everything and we are appreciating everything all the more!

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