Monday, May 20, 2013

A home sweet home weekend

Hello all! How was your weekend? Mine was full of puppies, friends, family, shopping and graduation festivities. Like I stated in my Friday Five post, we came home for the weekend to see my little brother, Chris, graduate from college. It was such a wonderful, perfect weekend.
Friday night when we got into town, we met my mom and older brother, Matt, for dinner at Famous Daves. Later on after dinner we went over to Erica's house for a bonfire. Jarrett finally got to meet baby Austyn, and after many tries, we got him to hold her. It was Jarrett's first time holding a baby and it was hilarious. He was so afraid of breaking her. I must say, he looked mighty fine holding a baby in his arms. I could get use to that image.
Saturday morning we had to be up early to take Leo to his grooming appointment at Michelle's Pretty Paws. We love taking him to her because they are amazing and cheap. After we dropped him off we ran a ton of errands with my mom. We went to Pet Smart and purchased a car seat belt for Leo. We have been wanting to try out one of these for quite come time now, and it worked out really well. Leo loved the seat belt and he slept for a long time in it on the way home. After Pet Smart, we went to Old Navy where I DID purchase an adorable dress (a dress that I wore to graduation) and two adorable tops. Alaska still has pretty normal summers, just short ones. If I see any more cute affordable dresses, they will be purchased. I will not hold back. Ha! Later on after we picked Leo up, Jarrett and I got some more shopping done at the mall. I purchased a couple more Under Armour tops and Jarrett got some more Ravens stickers for his truck since someone decided to be a five year old and steal them off his truck. Losers.
After we were all shopped out, it was time to get home to get ready for graduation! Graduation was such a flashback for me. Three years ago it was me walking that stage graduation from Salisbury University and now it was my baby brother's turn. I was so freaking proud of him and I always will be. Waiting for the ceremony to start, Jarrett and I had a little too much fun together. My husband never fails to make me laugh. I swear he is the funniest man alive!
Being goofy with the husband.
He's cute. I love him.
1. Commencement program
2. 2013 graduating class of Salisbury University
3. Christopher Ethan Morgan
B.A.- Communication Arts
4.Chris walking the stage
Three Salisbury University graduates
Proud mother and son
After the ceremony, tons of snack food afterwards and tons of pictures, we all met for dinner at Carrabbas. So delicious. Somehow we always end up going to Carrabbas for special events. I guess it's just the place to celebrate. We had great food and we got to all give Chris his graduation gifts. In true Jarrett and Katie fashion, we gave him money because we didn't know what else to get, my mom got him a new GPS, he got more money from other family members and then the biggest gift of all was from my dad and brother. They are taking him to San Francisco, CA for four days and taking him to a baseball game there that he has been dying to get tickets to. This gift was a huge enough secret that my dad and brother would not even tell me or my mom because they figured we'd spill the beans. Those punks! I had my suspicions though that it might be California, so HA to them!
Sunday morning mom and I rented Safe Haven which was AMAZING! Afterwards we ate some lunch and then Jarrett and I hit the road a little early since we both had to work today. Leo did so well on the way home in his new seat belt. I really suggest anyone that owns a dog to get one. We have been leaving him out in the car to help with his car sickness. We have been giving him a Dramamine tablet with every trip we take and it has worked so well for him. The Dramamine mixed with the seat belt helped even more because the seat belt holds him in place better. When he's up and moving around a lot is when he starts to feel a little sick because he's moving while the vehicles moves. This trip marks three trips without him getting sick. I am so proud of him. Our little boy is growing up so fast. Pretty soon he will be Alaska ready!
This view below is my favorite view of all time, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I will miss this so much!
Here's to a new and good week ahead. This weekend is our family trip to Massachusetts for four days, so I am just a little excited about that.
Is anyone going on any trips any time soon?
Is anyone going anywhere really interesting?

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