Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A deployment letter to my husband

I found this idea from Sarah over at The Not Quite Military Wife. Her husband is deployed too, plus she is at home with their new baby girl, so she decided to write a letter to him updating him on the home front. Since Jarrett will be home next week I find it fitting for me to write him a deployment letter as well.

Dear Jarr,

I cannot believe you've been gone all this year. You left the first week of January and will be home next week. It feels as if you've been gone for six months or longer. I hate when you deploy this time of year, but I know it's not your choice. This year, you missed my birthday, Valentine's day, the Raven's Superbowl, Leo's first birthday, Easter and your birthday. Wow, that's a lot! It's okay though, I still love you!

Even though you missed some important stuff, there are so many exciting things coming up when you get home. We are going to be planning our big move to Alaska, we will be having lots of visitors, we will be taking many trips home, we will be going to Busch Gardens a lot and getting good use out of our passes before canceling them and we have our family trip to Massachusetts at the end of May too. We have a very exciting summer ahead of us, so I am getting very excited for your return.

I feel like this is the strongest I've ever been on a deployment! I know I've still had my share of whining as usual, but I feel like with every deployment I become stronger, braver and more independent. During this deployment I stayed extremely busy with working full time, taking care of Leo, taking care of the house/lots of laundry/grocery shopping trips, running tons of errands for me and errands for you, having visitors, going home a lot and hanging out with friends a lot. I hope with each deployment that comes, I'll become even stronger, braver and more independent. I just want to always be supportive and strong for you while you're gone.

I feel so thankful every day to be apart of this military life. I never saw you or this life coming, but I am so blessed to have it. People say all the time that they could never be with someone in the military, but I think it takes a special person to marry into this life. Women say all the time that they would never choose this for themselves, but what they don't realize is that we don't choose it, it chooses us. Babe, we chose each other. I chose you, this was just part of the package. For as long as I live, I will be thankful and blessed by my decision to spend my life with you. I am honored to be your wife!

I love you and I cannot wait to be with you again!



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