Sunday, May 5, 2013

Homecoming weekend stuff

Hello all! What a fabulous weekend I have had! Hope you all had just as awesome of a weekend as I have. So lets get down to it shall we!

Homecoming day was finally here! I got my husband back after four long months! My in laws came over around 11ish then us and Leo left to go to base around 11:30. We met everyone in the parking lot outside of the 94th AMU squadron hanger. It was so exciting to see so many family members consisting of wives, children, moms and dads, grandparents and even other doggies! What was even more exciting was to see all of the little children that had made "Welcome Home" signs for their dads! So precious! I cannot wait until it is me and our little children waiting for Jarrett to return home! One day!

So, we waited in the truck forever and then we were given the go ahead to come wait outside for them to come in on a bus. Usually we get to wait outside and then we get to see them come off the plane, but this time they had a specific instructions for us to wait in the parking lot because they would be busing then over to us. So we waited and waited, and finally we saw the bus coming! My heart leaped out of my chest knowing that I was about to see my husband again! My husband was one of the first off the bus and he came walking towards me holding his arms out to me and knowing true Katie fashion, I started bawling like a baby. Bawling that was similar to my wedding day bawling. Yikes I am emotional! It's insane sometimes how I just cannot hold my tears in.
Jarrett's Pop pop in the Marine Core and Jarrett...see any similarities? :)

So we hugged and kissed and held each other, then we let Leo see him. It was hilarious! For a second, Leo was a little confused and then he realized that his daddy had not left him after all! So sweet! Then Jarrett's mom and step dad gave him lots of hugs! There were hugs everywhere! So perfect! We also got to go inside the hanger and see exactly where Jarrett works and all the Air Force memorabilia on the walls. So interesting! Then came waiting for Jarr's luggage to be brought over. This took two forevers to happen! When we finally got home, I made my jet lagged husband some lunch and then he went to sleep and I took a nice three hour nap with him and Leo. Jarrett slept for a very long time even after I woke up, but I had to let him sleep.
Jarrett and I woke up pretty early and went to Cracker Barrel for a super delicious breakfast together. A nice meal out with my husband was just the thing I needed. We are trying to eat healthier now and actually stick to it this time. We've tried to eat better many times before, but we've never made it stick. This time we started on it right after homecoming and I already feel so proud of us. Jarrett actually started it while he was in Japan! He started eating better and cutting out sofa while upping his workouts at the gym! We all know I ate like crazy during this deployment so I hated the fact that my husband was doing so well over there and I was doing terrible when it came to eating over here! What's great is that he has brought a lot of great habits back home with him!

After breakfast Jarr made me an awesome protein shake consisting of banana, peanut butter, honey and chocolate protein powder. I hate banana, but the shake was surprisingly good. We then went to the gym together later in the afternoon. I haven't been to the gym since we got Leo because I devoted a lot of time to him after work every night. It felt good to go back finally! I am so use to doing the same machines over and over again at the gym because it's a comfort thing for me. Jarrett showed me many other machines that I could do instead of just doing the same ones all the time. My husband is definitely my personal trainer. He came home much more fit than when he left and he looks much more huge and amazing! I'm not going to lie, my husband is very hot and I feel so lucky to be his wife! Any who enough with the mushy! We had an awesome work out together and I learned a lot about some of the machines that I've been neglecting! For dinner we had a family dinner over at the IL's house and it was so great to finally have Jarr at Sunday dinner! Perfect family evening!
Today Jarrett had to leave the house early to do some post deployment stuff and get a start on the check list for our orders. I actually got to sleep in for a change. Ah amazing! It wasn't long before Jarrett was done on base and we went to Firehouse Subs for lunch. That is our favorite sub shop ever! Now we are just hanging out at home with the little guy and later we are going to go to the gym again!
Now, I leave you with this breathe taking picture of Alaska that Jarrett took on the plane! Just beautiful!
Best weekend ever.

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