Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My homecoming check list

Okay military spouses! I think I can speak for all of us when I say that it is easy to go a little stir crazy the week before homecoming day. Kind of like I am this week! I have even made myself a check list of things to get done after work every night this week. I am very funny when it comes to getting things done. I like to set myself a daily schedule and I like not being interrupted when I am getting my stuff done! It always seems like there is something in my way when I have something that I need to get accomplished, but this week, nothing is getting in my way! :) OCD much? Oh yes, you betcha I am! I might be a little late, but here is my week to-do list. It might look a little similar to your weekly schedule too!

-Sunday: Clean both bathrooms, clean and scrub upstairs shower/tub, clean all mirrors in the house and clean off pollen on patio table and chairs. CHECK!
-Monday: Dust whole house, vacuum whole house and sweep and mop front door floor, kitchen floor and both bathroom floors. Also finish the Fifty Shades of Grey series since my goal was to finish them before Jarrett came home. CHECK!
-Tuesday: Pay rent balance and get all grocery shopping done. CHECK!
-Wednesday: Run by Petco to get Leo more food, do the dishes and do laundry. CHECK!
-Thursday: If it does not rain, get both vehicles washed, dust inside both vehicles and paint finger nails and toes.
-Friday: Buy a little something extra at work to put in Jarrett's birthday bag, get Jarr's birthday bag and card together, give Leo a bath and pick out outfit for tomorrow.
Saturday: Take down American flag on our patio and put out spring flag(I only keep it out when Jarrett is deployed so that everyone knows) then grab the in laws and go get Jarrett and squeeze, hug and kiss him until he can't see straight! :)

Do any of you military wives ever do any of this stuff before your husbands come home? What are your check lists like?

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