Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Friday Five and blog every day in May: Day seventeen

Happy Friday everyone! At this moment we are on our way to Maryland for the weekend. This is Jarrett's first trip home this year and everyone is excited to get to see him again! I hope you all have a great weekend! What do you have planned? Any weekend getaways planned?

1. So this week was kind of a rough one for me. Sunday I began sneezing and coughing a ton. I knew where that was headed. Then Monday my throat started acting up and getting scratchy and raw. Then came the runny and stuffy nose. Ut oh. It was sinus infection time again. I always get a winter and summer cold/sinus infection and it sucks so bad. I was so busy at work this week and didn't have the time to go to the doctor, so I took DayQuil and NightQuil religiously every single day! Taking them both every day and night definitely worked its magic on me because today I feel great again!
2. Since we only have have two months left of living in Virginia, there is no point at all for me to buy summer and spring clothing, which is killing me. Usually around this time of year I am making my list of spring and summer clothes to buy, but I can't buy anything because of Alaska. I keep seeing all of these cute dresses and bathing suits that I want to buy so bad. This morning I received an Old Navy e-mail advertising their new boho dresses and maxi dresses and it was pure torture. My manager told me that I should buy any dress I want and just wear the heck out of them until we move. I just might take her advice on that!
3. Today's topic in the #BlogeverydayinMay challenge is "a favorite photo of yourself and why." This photo is of Jarrett and I at our wedding. It's kind of self explanatory as to why I love it so much. Till this day I have no idea what I was laughing at so hard, but I guess it was funny!
4. The Office is OVER! Last night was the series finale and Jarrett and I were oh so sad about this. This was one of our favorite shows ever and we have our DVR set to record any episode that comes on. I really fell in love with the show with the story of Jim and Pam because their love story hits home to Jarrett and I since we also met and fell in love at work. So great! They also definitely ended it perfectly with Michael Scott coming back to be Dwight's best man. Love. Love. Love.
5. This weekend my baby brother graduates from college. I am so proud I could spit. I love this crazy guy so much and cannot wait to see how he takes on this crazy world. He is going to do amazing things, so you all better watch out. I cannot wait to be in the same room again where I walked the stage three years ago. I just might get emotional. 
I am also hoping to see this little bundle of joy this weekend. I miss my little Austyn so much. She is already growing up so fast and I hate missing out on it. Thank goodness her mommy posts so many adorable pictures to keep everyone updated that lives far away. I mean, you would probably miss that sweet face too if you couldn't see her every day! :P

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