Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Five

Monday through Wednesday it rained its bootay off here and finally yesterday and today we had beautiful weather! I loved it! I am really trying to savor the warm beautiful weather while I can. Not that it's not beautiful in Alaska because I've heard it's amazingly beautiful, but I'm definitely going to miss the warm weather.

Today I am very thankful that I drove my car to work today instead of the truck! While I was at work, a woman driving on the street in front of our town homes blacked out at the wheel, lost control of her vehicle and crashed right into my neighbors parked vehicles and totaled them both! If my car had been in its slot it would have been totaled too! I feel so bad for their vehicles, but I believe they are going to get new ones very soon! God works in mysterious ways I tell ya! I am feeling so blessed right now!

Mother's Day is coming up in about a week and I am almost done with my mom except for a gift that my brothers and I are going in together to get! She will love it so much! I cannot wait to see her face when she opens it! Usually my mom always knows what she wants and she always gets it, but this time she has no clue what her gift will be! If she wasn't an avid reader of my blog I would share it on here, but I won't! Shhhh!

Leo has done it again! So I wrote about him chewing up one of my black flats last Friday. Yesterday I came home to one more mess to clean up. He had jumped up so far enough to grab two wrapped chocolate chip cookies and ate them both while leaving a huge mess of cookie wrappers behind! Seriously dog? Well, even though he ate some chocolate, he seems normal still and has not thrown up or had the squirts at all, so that's good to know!

And for my final Friday Five.....drum roll please.....tomorrow is HOMECOMING DAY! FINALLY my husband will be home! I am beyond happy! In the morning my in laws and I along with Leo will make our way on base to meet Jarrett at his squadron hanger and I am all sorts of giddy about that! I love seeing Leo get all excited when Jarrett starts walking towards us! I have an awesome video of Leo and Jarrett last year when Jarrett came home from Georgia. It was hilarious! Leo picked Jarrett out before I could since they were all in uniform coming towards us! I guess a dog knows his true master! :)

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