Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friday Five: Obsession Edition and Friday Letters

Happy Memorial Day weekend y'all! My weekend is consisting of a drive to Maryland then a trip to Massachusetts with my family to see my cousin get married and to spend some time in Boston. This is the last family trip before we move so we have to make it memorable! Anywho! This Friday Five post is about my obsessions of the week! There might be a little Friday Letters thrown in here too! Enjoy! :)
1. Herbal Essences Body Envy shampoo and conditioner and Paris Amour body spray. 
I started using Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner again a couple weeks ago. I use to use Herbal Essences a long time ago and then used Pantene for a while. Lately I had been using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner because I had my hair colored a little while back. The sulfate free stuff was making my hair look and feel awful, so my store manager who is also a hair dresser told me to start using Herbal Essences again since that's what she uses. I ended up buying Body Envy to give my hair some volume. LOVE IT! My hair is now softer, has volume and just all and all looks and feels much better!
Paris Amour is my absolute favorite Bath and Body Works scent there is. I have the body spray, shimmer body spray, lotions and shimmer half and half lotion. I am like over the moon for this scent. It's perfect. I just love it! What is your favorite Bath and Body Works scent? I bet it's Paris Amour too!
2. Under Armour v-neck shirts
I am all over these shirts right now. I love them mainly for the gym, but I also like wearing them as an every day t-shirt with jeans. They are only $22 which is not bad at all for Under Armour. I have the shirt in neon pink, blue and orange, and I hope to get it in every color very soon. Yay!
3. Frozen yogurt and Rita's custard
So since my husband came home we have been trying to eat a lot better. My husband is a HUGE ice cream lover so we wanted to find an alternative to ice cream so that he could still have his frozen fix. I had been telling him for a while that he needed to be eating frozen yogurt instead and he finally listened to me. I took him to Yogurt VI the other night and he loved it. You can make your cup as healthy as you want or as non healthy as you want. He also loves Rita's Italian ice with the custard inside it. I love the ice too, but I'm very partial to the custard. I looooove custard! It is like frozen pudding and it's better for you than ice cream. 
4. Bud Lime Strawberry margarita and an Arnold Palmer
I have seen the commercial for the Bud Lime margaritas like ten thousand times and then they just had to come out with the strawberry ones. They are noms. They have the lime and the strawberry mixed together and even though that didn't sound very good to me at first, it was actually quite delicious! I urge you to try it this summer! 
My husband has turned me on to the Arnold Palmer drink too. If you don't know, an Arnold Palmer is half sweet tea and half lemonade. It is amazing! I love sweet tea, but I've been trying to cut back on it because I was drinking it WAY too much. I also really love lemonade so what better way to drink two of my favorites than to just mix them together. This way I'm not drinking straight sweet tea. Lately I've been ordering this drink at fast food places too. They always seem to know what I'm talking about too, so why not order it. So go on! Order yourself an Arnold Palmer next time you're at a restaurant! 
5. Scentsy 
Yesterday I received my first Scentsy order and even though I have not burned any of my bars yet, I am already in love. Scentsy does the wax and wax burners and they have the cutest wax burners I have ever seen! Move over Yankee Candle! My co-worker Heather has recently become an independent consultant for Scensty so I bought my stuff from her. Like Heather, I had been looking to become an independent consultant for a company too and I already really like Scentsy. I am considering selling the product too so I'll have a little income for when we get to Alaska. I also like Thirty-One bags and thought about selling their products. Hey! Maybe I could sell both? Who knows!
In other news, here's some Friday Letters! 
Dear Husband, I still wish you were going on our trip this weekend, but I guess it's okay. I know you can't help it, but it still makes me mad when you can't do something because of the military. I guess it's maybe a good thing you had to stay behind so you can focus more on getting stuff done for our orders. I love you and hope you and Leo have a good boys weekend together. 
Dear Leo, You be a good boy for your daddy this weekend! While I'm gone, please try to refrain from chewing on the pillows, couch and papasan chair cushion! We are going to work on breaking you of this habit before we buy all new furniture! Hopefully it will work, but we love you anyways. 
Dear Boston vacation, It feels so good to take a vacation somewhere I've never been before. I've always wanted to go to Boston and now I am. Yay I'm excited! 
Dear Memorial Day, You are more than vacations and cook outs with family and friends. You are a day for us to remember the men and women who have served our country in the past, those who have lost their lives defending our country and those still serving today. Thank you all for your service. Our fallen heroes will never be forgotten. 
Dear Husband, Happy Memorial Day babe! I feel so honored to be your wife and I am so proud of you for serving our country. I never want to take our life for granted because one moment you are here with me and the next moment you are deployed! I am blessed by this life with you and wouldn't trade it for anything! Thank you for serving our country over the past eight years and for serving our country in the future! I love you always!

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