Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thirty-One and Scentsy

Okay you guys. I have mentioned briefly before wanting to become an independent consultant for a company as a side career. Of course I am still continuing my full time position search for Alaska and I intend to start my career there, but I also want to have a second job with a second income. Who knows, having this as a second job could turn into a second career for me. Hmmm. There are so many amazing companies out there, but I believe I have narrowed it down to two companies that I am considering investing my $99 with. Thirty-One and Scentsy are at the top of my list. I personally have friends and co-workers that are consultants for both companies, so it is hard to pick between them when my friends make them both sound wonderful to work for.

Thirty-One is a great company. I mean, who would not want to sell these products? These bags are out of this world adorable and durable. They have a bag for everything! They have beach totes, grocery shopping totes, totes and organizers for your work office or home office, organizers for all rooms in your house, gym and work out bags, travels bags, diaper bags and any other bags for managing babies and kids, etc. You name it, there is a bag for it. Plus you can get any bag monogrammed! I don't know about you, but I love monogrammed stuff. My love for monogrammed merchandise started with L.L. Bean when I got my first book bag with my initials on it. LOVE! 
[My co-worker, Michele, sells Thirty-One and brought us a catalogue to look through. I found so many cute things that I want. I love the huge utility bags. They would be perfect for our move coming up!]
[On this page they show and talk about the organizers and bags for a home office. I cannot wait to have my own home office one day with all kinds of cute Thirty-One stuff and really cute stationary! Having my own home office has always been a dream of mine!]
[Here are the diaper and baby storage bags. You better believe that when Jarrett and I start our family soon that I will have tons of these! I want my initials on the big bags and I would love to have a bag for each of my children with their initials on the bags. A little too ahead of myself? You bet!]
[On this page, Thirty-One introduces you to their collection for the car. LOVE! I could so use this stuff for our drive to Alaska. My goodness, I could drop some money with this company!]
[Ahhhh more cutesy baby stuff! Look at that stroller all decked out in cute bags! I cannot wait to have kids just for these cute bags! Haha!]
[On this page they talk about their grocery bags for grocery shopping. I would love to have that kitchen and have those bags full of groceries on my kitchen counters!]
[Thirty-One has a monthly special every month. This month if you spend $35 you can get a large utility tote for $10! Aghhhh I am hoping to do this when I get paid again! I wanttttt!]

[Above, they explain on their website how you can become a Thirty-One consultant. Women even have their career testimonies on there so that other women can see what the company can bring to them. Some of these women have made phenomenal careers for themselves with this company! It's amazing! I could be one of these women!]

Now, on to Scentsy! I've also mentioned before that I am quite obsessed with any smelly stuff(lotions, sprays, plug in scents, etc.), candles, waxes, wax burners, tart burners, votive holders and basically anything that involves burning scents. My home is full of candles and adorable candle holders. I love it! Scentsy is a company that sells wax bars, wax burners, plug ins and so so much more! They are a candle lovers dream. I want to sell products that I am passionate about. After my first order of six Scentsy bars, I was hooked! Their smells are right up there with Yankee Candle and they last just as long if not longer then Yankee Candle! Score! My good friend and co-worker, Heather, sells Scentsy on the side while also working two jobs. She is awesome to juggle so much. She says what is so good about Scentsy is that the product sells itself, so she does not have to try sooo hard to sell the products and make her monthly quota. So, say I get my full time job in Alaska and work as an independent consultant as well. I could totally handle both just like Heather does. I've never had more than one job at the same time, so I am anxious to get to work and really further my career in many different ways.
[Scentsy does a wax warmer of the month every month. They have large warmers and smaller warmers. I looooove warmers. I only have a Yankee Candle one that is in my upstairs bathroom, but now I want a warmer for my downstairs bathroom and for my kitchen. Maybe one for our room too. Yikes, maybe I want one for every room in my house. Obsessed much? You bet!]
[Here is a sneak peak of some of their large wax warmers. They have so many different collections and designs to choose from. They literally have a warmer for your specific taste. They even have college football ones. Now if they start an NFL collection, I will be buying all of the Ravens merchandise. Boo ya!]
[Here are the Scentsy bars. Scentsy offers different kinds of packages with all kinds of products that you can choose from. The package that I recently purchased was the six Scensty bars for $25. So cheap, right? I bought this package about a month ago and I am still on my first bar called "My Home." It has lasted me so long that I don't need to change out my bars just yet. I bet you these six bars will last me six months or longer.]
[Scentsy even offers Scentsy buddies for your children. They have these scent packs that you can put inside your Scentsy buddy for a long lasting smell. Put these buddies in your child's backpack, closet, sports bag or travel bag for a long lasting smell. Plus, the stuffed buddy is adorable. Kids will love them! I might want one for myself! :P]
[Besides candles and candle type accessories, Scentsy also has "Layers" which is their skin care line. They have hand soaps, lotions, lip gloss, lip balms, etc. Like I said, anything smelly, I love it.]
So now you see; I have a big decision on my hands to figure out which company I want to work for. I want to go with a company soon, pay my $99 start up kit fee, start my business, and have a little bit of income while transitioning to my new life in Alaska. I have always wanted to do something like this. It is just mustering up the guts to invest the money and get started. I think I am just afraid of investing the money and then going no where with the opportunity. I know that doing something like this is a huge risk, so now I just have to trust that I can do it and make time for it regardless of having a busy life as well. Hey, maybe I could sell both products and have two businesses? My goodness, I am always trying to do too much! What is a girl to do?
Do you know anyone that sells these products?
Know anyone that is a consultant for more than one company?
If you had to pick a company, who would you pick?
Anyone living in Alaska as a consultant?

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