Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekend Stuff

Hiya all! How was your weekend? Did you just relax, run errands or do something fun? I would love to hear all about it! :) My weekend was wonderful! 
Friday night after work, Jarrett and I went to the BX to get a couple of hanging plants as part of his mom's Mother's Day present. Little did I know that we would walk out of there with a new gun as well. Ever since we found out about Alaska, we knew we had to purchase a better gun to protect ourselves from bears, elk, moose and so on. We ended up getting a 44 magnum tracker. I feel so much better about having a better gun. We also found out that I can carry my gun in Alaska even without a concealed permit. Although I am not ready to carry it yet, I do intend to be ready by the time we move. 

After we left the BX we got some delicious BLT grilled chicken sandwiches from Chickfila for dinner. Sooo yummy! After dinner we went ahead and gave my MIL her plants for Mother's Day! She looooved them! Now that she has a patio again, she has been wanting to spruce it up with plants like she is use to. I'm so glad we could make her day! This weekend my dad and his girlfriend, Kelly, also came into town. After work on Saturday we went to dinner at Lonestar Steakhouse then we went to the movies to see Iron Man. It was a great night with my dad. I love it when we get visitors. 

Sunday was Mother's Day! Even though I could not be with my mom on the day, she had a wonderful day with my brothers and I had a wonderful, crazy, busy day at the store with some of my favorite people! None of us wanted to be away from our moms on Mother's Day, but someone had to be at the store. We were so so busy with last minute customers all day long. I told Jarrett that when I become a mom, he better have my stuff for me that morning instead of rushing out the day of or day after to get Mother's Day stuff. So insane how people wait until the very last minute to do stuff. Maybe I just don't get it because I'm not a procrastinator at all, lol! Any who, it was a great day regardless of how long a day it was. Hope all you mommas had a wonderful Mother's Day!
Upper left, my mom and I at my wedding; lower left, my MIL and I in Yorktown; upper right, my mom's mom and my Mamaw; lower right, my dad's mom and my Nene. These four are the most influential women ever in my life.  
Diane, me and Ashley on Sunday. 
Pizza and tons of baked goods to celebrate Mother's Day together. 

Monday, I went into work for a few hours to help out with a couple things, and I wore my favorite "love" graphic shirt. I always feel so happy when I wear it. After work, Jarrett and I went shopping at the Williamsburg outlets. We mainly wanted to go to the Under Armour and The North Face outlets. I ended up getting a new Under Armour shirt and a cute pink gym bag that I can wear on my bag. I have been wanting a small gym bag forever so I don't have to carry all my stuff in my hands from machine to machine. I also got a new water bottle for the gym instead of always taking my Tervis Tumblers there. Yay, I love getting new gym stuff especially since I am back at it and now going four to five times a week again. 
Hope you all have a fantastic week ahead. This weekend we will be going to Maryland for my little brother's graduation and I cannot wait to see him walk the stage! Until then, it's work, the gym and house cleaning for this girl! 
I will leave you with this sweet little boy to get your week going good!


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