Saturday, March 31, 2012

A toast to my amazing family and friends!

When you move away from your family and friends, you really realize just how important they are in your life. Especially being military makes you miss them even more. Who knows how long we will be in Virginia. Next year we could be living across the country. Who really knows. It's not that I never knew how much they meant to me, but it's just now, more than ever, I realize how blessed I am and that I've been so blessed all along to have these amazing people in my life. These are the people that truly know me and accept me for who I am, flaws and all. They encourage me, believe in me, believe in the things that I will accomplish and they don't judge me or put me down for my mistakes. They unconditionally love me, and I could not ask for more.
My mother never fails to be there for me. She is my rock, my best friend, my idol. When I thought I would never get enough time with her, I got more time than I ever imagined. She never stops encouraging me to reach for my dreams and she's always there when I need to cry or vent about life. With my father, I think our relationship is stronger than ever. I feel as if our relationship really blossomed when I got married. I guess there is just something about your little girl getting married and when you suddenly realize she's not a little girl anymore. I really miss my brothers too! I miss them much more than I thought. I don't have to miss my in laws anymore because they actually just moved to Hampton. It's ironic how God works sometimes. Jarrett's step father's job transferred him to VA Beach about a month ago and for now they are living in Hampton. I feel so relieved to have some family here. I finally have a support system here for when Jarrett is gone. Besides my awesome family, I have the most fantastic group of girls in my life as well.

Christina and I have been friends since high school. I really have no clue where and when our friendship began though. Christina, till this day, still has no idea when it began either, but it began and I'm so glad that it did. She is one of my biggest supporters, my sister, my maid of honor and my best friend. She has been there through my ups and most importantly, my downs. Boy have there been a lot of downs that this girl has been there for. No matter how busy our lives get, we're still best friends. No amount of distance could tear us apart. This picture is of us on New Year's Eve like 10 billion years ago!

Brooke and I have been friends ever since we started playing high school field hockey together. She is seriously one of the funniest people on the planet and she is one of the only people that can put a smile on my face when I'm having a bad day. We have been through a lot together, but are still close despite the distance. This picture is of us during a wonderful snow day in our last semester of college.

Erica and I have been friends forever. We met in middle school and are still great friends. We were close in middle school and fell out of touch a little in high school. We got close again once we started playing field hockey together. From then on we were inseparable. Now we are both married women and have a lot going on, but we never lose touch with each other. Now that we're married, we both have more in common than we did before. I love her so much and would do anything for her. This picture was taken at her wedding.
Whether you live in the same town as your family and friends or live half a world away, never forgot the people that were there for you from the beginning. Never!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Puppy time!

So everyone keeps asking Jarrett and I when we are going to get a puppy. We are hoping that it will be sometime this summer if everything goes as planned. Jarrett is so calm and cool about this whole thing, but me, I'm freaking out! He's had a dog practically his whole life and I have had two gold fish, a hamster and a cat. I'm literally stressing out over this and I know I shouldn't, but that's how it is usually is for me when it comes to adding new things to my life. As you can see, I don't do good with change, but I always try and embrace it with open arms no matter how scared I am. Recently, my mom finally got the puppy that she's always dreamed of: a dachshund.
This is Sophie and she is a dachshund/chihuahua mix. I just love her. She is the most amazing puppy. My mom got her about a year ago and since she got her I have learned a lot about how to take care of a puppy. I'm still nervous about getting one, but the fact that my mom has one and that I have gotten to see first hand what it's like has made me a little less apprehensive. Jarrett doesn't understand why I'm stressing about this, but I like to have a plan for everything. Jarrett is impulsive and I am certainly not. When it comes to this puppy, I am planning out the financial side of the process and trying to plan out taking care of it between our schedules. Everyone acts like it is so easy to just get a dog and be done with it. To me, getting a dog is not like buying a piece of candy; it takes thought and planning of which shouldn't be taken lightly. In a way, it's just like having a baby. You can't just rush into something without having a plan.

Anyway, I know this whole puppy thing will work out. I just have to stop stressing over it and let everything come together on it's own. Another thing to figure out is what kind of puppy to get. There are so many kinds of dogs that we both love, but we have to get a small dog because of our apartment complex. We also have to choose a puppy that doesn't get very big. Here are the three puppies that we are trying to pick between.

Jarrett has recently become obsessed with white pugs! They are so adorable, but the all white ones are VERY expensive and hard to find.

I have become obsessed with dachshunds since my mom got hers. I specifically love the mini dachshunds.

Jarrett found the cutest puppy ever that he saw on a commercial one day. This is a bella pomeranian. Ahhhhh so adorable. It looks like a little bear or something!

Next year we will probably get a bigger apartment, so I had brought up the idea of getting one puppy now (Jarrett's pick) and then if we have enough room, getting another puppy which would be my pick, so we both end up getting the one we want! I guess we'll just have to see what happens! :)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Travel Bucket List!

Okay so I am super jealous of people that can just travel wherever they want at anytime they want. I try really hard to not be so envious of others, but sometimes it's hard. I haven't had a vacation in literally like four of five years, yet there are people that can just go on vacation after vacation whenever they want to! Ahhhh drives me crazy! Anyway, at some point I want to do some extensive traveling, so I've started a bucket list of vacations I want to take and amazing places I want to travel.

1. Fort Worth, Texas

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas and most of all of my family live in Fort Worth and throughout other parts of Texas. It has been about six years since my family and I took a trip here and it's about time we all go back! Jarrett will finally get to meet the rest of my family!

2. New York City

My mom and I have been talking lately about taking a New York girls trip. Just a little weekend getaway...or longer! :)

3. Family Cruise to anywhere

I want to go on a cruise ASAP! I think everyone I know has been on a cruise and I want to go bad! I think it would be awesome to take a huge family cruise so everyone is together. I've heard it's more fun when there is a big group.

4. Alaska

Since Jarrett and I came so close to getting stationed here, we've decided we want to take a trip here at some point. It will be a very expensive trip, but it will be well worth it. Who knows, we could still get stationed here at some point.

5. Hawaii

Who doesn't want to vacation in Hawaii? :)

6. Las Vegas

I don't know exactly why I want to go to Vegas, but I do! I know a ton of people that have vacationed there and also lived there. I think I just want that Vegas experience, but nothing too crazy.

7. Aspen, Colorado

While I love the beach, I love the mountains even more. I can't help it. I love being around mountains.
8. Italy

I love being married to a man that is Italian, so we must go to Italy at some point.

9. Paris, France

I have been wanting to go to Paris ever since I was a little girl. Someday, it's going to happen. I promise!

10. Ireland

Ireland is so gorgeous and I want to see it all first hand!

These are all of the places that I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sure I will add more to the list as time goes by. For now, I'm just glad I have the list that I have.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Get Inspired!

This blog really needs more pictures and a little less of me rambling on and on! Here are some cute pictures with quotes I found that have me inspired for the week ahead! Maybe they will find you inspired too!

YES! melissacutshall inspiration and quotes

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So not the way I planned it! lyndabaker inspiration and quotes

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2 Chronicles 20:17 #bible #verse

Favorite bible verse aehartman meaningful quotes 3

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Random Acts of Courage!

I found this amazing Christian radio station here called K-Love and I absolutely love it! The DJ's are awesome and always know exactly what to say to lift my spirits. The afternoon DJ, Amanda Carroll, said something last week that really hit home for me. She was talking about how she had been putting off doing her taxes because she had never done them before and she was afraid. She was so fearful of messing them up, so she just kept putting it off. She then went on to talk about the phrase "Random Acts of Kindness" and how maybe we should think "Random Acts of Courage" too when it comes to doing things that scare us. Lets face it, there are so many things that scare us. Although it may be hard, we should all take the time every now and then to do something that puts us out of our comfort zone.

This blog has really put me out of my comfort zone. You might think that saying how I feel comes natural for me, but this is not the case. I have always had a lot to say, but was always fearful of other's reactions to my words. Would someone take offense to my words? How would what I say affect my image? What would others think of me? Well, I'm done worrying about what other's think. If someone doesn't like this blog then who cares! I sure don't! Everyone is going to judge you. There is no way around it. You can't please everyone. You just have to have courage everyday in whatever you are doing. Starting this blog is just one of the many random acts of courage that I plan on achieving throughout my life.

Another RAC was finding a new church to start attending. Although I still attend my church back in Maryland when I come home, Jarrett and I have been thinking way too long about finding a church here, but we never really acted on it. Well, my in laws just relocated here and they were obviously looking for a new church as well. Jarrett mentioned that there was a really great church in Yorktown that some of his co-workers attend, so before we knew it, we were visiting Northside Christian Church. We visited the church last Sunday, and we immediately felt at home. Sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith and jump in. After the service was over, I felt this huge sign of relief. I felt joy. We visited the church again today and still felt that feeling of joy. That feeling that this was where God wanted me to be. Sometimes when we take a leap of faith and do a random act of courage, we end up right where we're supposed to be!

what is courage?


Friday, March 23, 2012


So I have this amazing refrigerator calendar that I got from work. It pretty much says all of the right things. This is what is says for March...

"Believe in yourself and all you want to be. Don't let what other people say or do make you frown. Laugh as much as possible. Let in the good times and get through the bad. Be happy with who and where you are. You are in the right place, and your heart is leading you on the way to a great tomorrow. When circumstances seem difficult, pull through them. This will make you stronger than you think. The longer you practice the habit of working towards your dreams, the easier the journey will become. You were meant for great things. Learn as much as possible. Always follow your dreams."- Ashley Rice

These words are a lovely little reminder that my dreams are alive. Your dreams are too!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh the things you learn about yourself!

Since I became a military wife and moved to Virginia with Jarrett, I have learned A LOT of things about myself! Some good and some bad, but hey that's just the way it is. We all have good traits and bad traits. We all have those things that we love about ourselves, and then we have those things that we really can't stand about ourselves. Here is what I have discovered.

1. I really love living with my husband: Nowadays it seems that everyone lives together for a while before they get married. Jarrett and I did not have this chance. In some ways I'm glad that we didn't live together before marriage, but then again, I was really nervous about how things would be when I got to VA! We had been together for nearly 5 years before I moved, meaning we had spent 5 years back a forth, not joined at the hip like most couples. We never had the chance to be together every day, but before I knew it, we were married and actually living together. The time in my life that I thought would never come was actually happening. I was so afraid of what it was going to be like. Would we fight constantly? Would I hate living with a man? Would he hate living with a woman? Well everything turned out to be the opposite of what I was afraid of. Our communication is stronger than ever, we don't fight as much as I thought we would, I love the fact that we have our own room and all and all, I love the fact that we have our own place. I love the little things about him that annoy me-- not putting dirty dishes in the dish washer, leaving tooth paste in the sink, leaving hairs from shaving in the sink and so on. I love so many things about us being together here. What was I so worried about?

2. Home decor: I have discovered my inner passion for home decor. I think it comes from having my first place, but whatever it is, it's nuts! I find myself living in Pier 1, going to Marshall's constantly, buying candles like a mad woman, rearranging my living room, spending almost all of my money on everything and anything for our apartment and so on. Jarrett makes fun of me so much. Every time he comes home from work there is something new in the apartment. I find myself buying more stuff for the home rather than clothes and all of the other stuff that us women love to spoil ourselves with. Now, thanks to Pinterest, I am in to all kinds of DIY projects. Yikes! Goodness gracious I am going to be a crazy person when we buy our first house.

3. The enjoyment of cooking: Baking has never ever been a problem for me. I love sweets so much that I am always baking something. Every time we go grocery shopping Jarrett begs me to bake something. I'm actually not too bad as a baker, although, I would like to expand my palate and bake more difficult desserts instead of always going for the easy and obvious ones. Just like Rachael Ray loves cooking and hates baking, I was always the opposite. I hated cooking and loved baking. Having a father who is like the king of cooking and always made sure my brothers and I had an amazing healthy dinner was amazing yet scary. The same with my mother in-law! She's amazing and her cooking is phenomenal! I had a lot to live up to when it came to being a wife and cooking for my husband and that literally freaked me out. took me long enough, but I have finally started cooking on a regular basis and I thoroughly enjoy it! Of course I'm not like Paula Deen or anything, but I'm cooking and the fact that I'm doing it and liking it so far is a big step for me. Eventually I will get out all of my cook books and start following harder recipes, but for now I will just keep getting use to the easier ones! The hubby has liked everything I've made so far, so I guess I'm doing my job!

4. More of a Momma's girl: So, I thought I was a momma's girl before, but now it's really bad! As soon as I moved here, I think I missed her more than anyone. We are seriously like Lorelei and Rory on Gilmore Girls! It's crazy! What's really hard is that she misses me just as much as I miss her. I'm trying to not go to Maryland as much anymore because I want to prepare myself for when we get stationed somewhere farther away. The fact that we could get stationed anywhere at any time is something I need to be ready for. Of course I would miss her and my family, but I would like to get to the point that I don't get too homesick like I did when I moved here. Sometimes I really do hate being such a momma's girl, but I really feel so lucky to have a mother that I am so close to. It pretty much runs in the family with my mom being very close to her mother. I can only hope to have the same relationship with my daughter!

5. I am so picky: Goodness gracious I am picky. I never really thought I was that picky until now. The main thing that I have been very particular about is finding my first full time job out of college. I have pretty much been on 10 thousand interviews, been offered about 4 positions, actually accepted 2 of those positions, turned those positions down when I realized that it wasn't what I wanted and gone back to retail. Yes I know. Crazy. You don't have to tell me twice. It has taken me a little bit to get over all of this stuff that I've been through, but I'm getting there. I am realizing what I want and what I don't want in a job. Even though I'm still working retail, I'm not so bitter about it anymore. I work at Hallmark and I absolutely love it and will continue to work there at night when I do find my full time position. I work with some of the most amazing women ever and I just love them. I wouldn't trade them for anything. I feel so blessed to know them. God really does open doors when others close, even if it's not what you think it will be. Yeah, I know you're suppose to graduate and get an amazing job right after college and it is still hard knowing that I haven't started my career yet, but I know that everything will work out. It just takes time. I will not apologize or put myself down anymore. I refuse to.

6. Worry wart times ten: Getting married, graduating from college and moving away from my family and friends has definitely made me worry more than I ever have. I mean in college I always worried about my grades and I completely stressed myself out over them. Now I have so many different worries that consume my mind. I can't even begin to write them all out because there is so many. I really have no clue how to relax. I know we are human and we naturally worry about things, but I feel like I worry too much that I am not trusting God like I should. I am learning to just surrender and put my life in his hands and I know he will take care of everything and that there is nothing to worry about after all.

Ahhh I have rambled long enough! I promise tomorrow will be a short, simple and sweet post!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A little more in depth about the Enchanted Air force wife!

Soooo here's a little story about everything that Jarrett and I went through to now be together in Virginia. Jarrett entered the military right after we started dating in 2005, and right after boot camp and technical school, he was stationed at Langley AFB in Hampton, VA. Hampton is only three hours from Salisbury, Maryland, where I lived at the time and where most of our family and friends still live. Most of my time was either spent in school, working or going back and forth between Virginia and Maryland. During the times that I could not get to Virginia, Jarrett would come to Maryland. We both spent half of our lives driving that three hour drive. All of our family and friends that know us best know how long the journey was to get to where we are now. Eventually, we both got to a point where we just wanted to be married and make everything we did! If you know me you know that I never seem to do things conventional, so Jarrett and I ended up getting married at the courthouse on a beautiful Winter's day with snow still on the ground. We had a small reception with all of our loved ones and friends at Olive Garden later that evening. Everyone keeps asking me still "when are you guys gonna have a real wedding?" and I just say "we already had one!". I don't really care anymore that I didn't get the white dress, or the "walk down the aisle" moment. All I care about is that I married my best friend, my soulmate and my hero. Never in a million year did I think I would be a military wife and never in a bazillion years did I think I could be so strong through the whole thing. All that matters is that I am here now, living this life with my husband no matter how messy and complicated it may be at some times.


Monday, March 19, 2012


Alrighty! Here I am! Finally starting this blog that I have been meaning to start since I moved to Virginia into my new life nearly 2 years ago! I have no idea why it has taken me so long to start this! I have always wanted to have my own blog and perhaps have been way too nervous about it! Before I decided to start this, I researched other blogs to kind of get an idea about what the blog should be about and how it should look. Holy crap was I overwhelmed!!! There are amazing blogs out there written by some extraordinary people, and I found myself taking a step back as to start this blog or not. I have spent days and nights over thinking it just as I do EVERYTHING else, but I am soooo tired of over thinking it! I am starting this blog and forcing myself to follow through with it completely! I always knew I would start my own blog, especially since I have always loved to write and what not! While this blog is not as spectacular as the billion other blogs out there, it is me and I am doing this! It is a work in progress just like me! Stay tuned! :)

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