Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday Five and Friday Letters

Hi everyone! Hope you have had a great week! I have another busy and fun weekend ahead of me. My best friend Christina is coming for the weekend and my other best friend Brooke is in Williamsburg for her family vacation, so we are going to see her at some point too! Us three haven't been together in years, so I am very excited! What are your weekend plans?

1. Jarrett's cooking
My husband's cooking is just out of this world! Yes, I cook too, but not as good as my husband. He has always been a great cook and even more so now that we are trying to eat healthier and experiment with new recipes. Last week he made me a burger with a boiled egg inside it without a bun. He put garlic and cooked spinach on top of the burger too. Best recipe ever! Wednesday night he made me a grilled chicken caesar salad and garlic bread and I was in heaven! Another reason why he is just like my father! :P

2. Trail mix
I have been searching for peanut butter trail mix forever and I finally found it at Walmart. This trail mix has Reese's pieces, peanut butter chips, peanut butter candy drops, peanuts and pretzels! So delicious! I also came across S'mores trail mix. From the looks of the bag, this trail mix looks amazing, but I don't know how I feel about it just yet. I'll just stick with my peanut butter!

3. Dove chocolate
I am OBSESSED with Dove chocolate. My co-worker, Sandy, had bought a bag during work the other day and I may have eaten almost all of them the next day when she was off from work. I had a huge chocolate rush on Wednesday and just had to eat them. Yesterday I bought her a new bag of chocolates and put them in her apron at work! Maybe I'll leave her new bag alone? 

4. Busch Gardens
I received this e-mail the other day and realized that Busch Gardens is open for the summer now! Yay! Jarrett and I have to go there as much as we can over the next couple of months so we can use our season passes. This weekend we are planning to go if it isn't too hot outside. This e-mail is about their Food and Wine Festival which sounds like a lot of fun. If it involves food and wine then I'm there!

5. The cuteness that is Leo
I can never get away from blogging about Leo! He is just the cutest dog ever and he does the cutest things all the time. He amazes me every day with the things that he know and does. Dogs are so smart and they aren't given enough credit for the things that they know. I honestly learn more about him every day! I cannot believe a year ago tomorrow we will have had him for a full year! When we get settled in to our home in Alaska, we are going to get another puppy, so I can't wait to go through this whole process again!

Dear husband, I love you, but you drive me crazy picking on me all the time. I might just punch you in the face one of these days, or maybe I'll just give you tons of kisses instead! :P Any who, babe! I can't wait for this weekend because we can finally go to Busch Gardens any time we want! After the crazy, busy week we've had, I'd say that sounds perfect!
Dear Leo, I love you little buddy! You are the sweetest boy ever. You make mommy so happy and you make mommy want another little dachshund so we can give you a sibling. Don't worry though, we will get you a sibling when we get to Alaska. Actually, you will probably have more than one sibling while we are there! We shall see, little one!
Dear Rachel, I loved our dinner together tonight! It had been a month since we were together so I'm glad we could do dinner. We have two more months to do a lot of stuff and get into a lot of stuff together so we have to do as much as possible! I'm so lucky to have met you while I was here and I know our friendship will make it through all of this!
Dear Christina and Brooke, Omg! Are we seriously going to be together again and in my state nonetheless? I cannot wait for this weekend with you both! It has been literally years since the three of us were together. It will be the best reunion ever! Love you both so much!

Happy weekend all!

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