Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blog every day in May: Day eighteen

Today's topic in the #BlogeverydayinMay challenge is "tell a story from your childhood." Haha boy do I have plenty of stories to tell, but there are a couple that stand out well among the rest. 
So, when I was in kindergarten I was known as the "out there" child because I basically had no filter. Now, I have a little bit of a filter, but back then, not so much. Back when we still lived in Sandford, NC and I was going to kindergarten at our church. Every day we did the whole "sit in a circle on your carpet square" kind of thing. On this particular day, of which my mom always let me pick out my outfits for school, I had picked out this cute little dress to wear for school. On this day, in true Katie fashion, during story time, I decide to lay down on my carpet square and flash my underwear right to the class. Nice, right? Not only did I do it once and was told not to do it again, I did it twice. Yep. Oh, but this isn't the funniest thing that I did in kindergarten. 

On another day, we were learning about colors and what other colors are made when you mix two colors together. My teacher was demonstrating colors by using a fire truck. She would teach us the colors and then point to a specific color on the truck for us to point out which color it was. She points to the truck all together and everyone in the class except me yells "RED!" After everyone yelled the color together, I yelled something of my own. I yelled, "It's not red, it's WED!" That was how I pronounced the word red. Yep. Then a boy in my class proceeded to tell me that it was not pronounced "WED", but "RED" and then I got all up in his face real good saying, "NO, IT'S NOT RED, IT'S WED!" I was one mad kindergardener and the boy was a tad bit scared of me!

Both of these moments are also on film so every once in a while, my mom and I will watch it together. These two moments are moments that my family will NEVER let me live down! 

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