Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend stuff!

Another weekend has come and gone and I hope you all had a great one. Friday I met Rachel after work for some dinner and a much needed shopping date. We tried THREE times to go to a nice sit down restaurant, but it was not happening for us. I swear, when her and I try to do anything it gets messed up. Argg. So we ended up just getting Chickfila at the mall food court. When all else fails, eat Chickfila. Chickfila is the answer to anything in my book. After Chickfila and delicious sundaes from there, we hit the stores for some awesome deals. I usually have tons of coupons with me, but it had been a while since I had recieved any in the mail, but luckily, Rachel had like ten billion of them to share. Every time I go shopping, I have coupons and I look for the best deals. I rarely ever buy anything for full price.
From Bath and Body Works for $15 I got:
-Three $5 small candles (their candles are my new obsession)
-A free $13 bottle of their aromotheropy lotion with coupon
-A free mini candle of my choice with coupon
-And two 50 cent anti pocket bac covers
From New York and Company:
-Ballet flats for $15 with City Cash coupon of $15 off $30 or more
-Two sinched in the front tops for 50% off making each top $10
Saturday we had our Christmas Open House event at the store. I will be glad when all of these events are over with because I am so exhausted from them. They are fun to work, but they will drain you. We had a lot of fun this time around as you can tell below. We had plenty of food as usual, plus Diane made some delicious chilli which ended up being my lunch. I can't resist good chilli. This is just my favorite time of year, so I was already in the Christmas spirit that day. Here are some pictures of me and my co-workers for your Christmas viewing pleasure.
 Me, Jillian and Ashley
 Jillian, Diane, Me and Ashley
 Jillian and me
 Jillian and me being weirdos
 Ashley and me
After work, Jarrett and I had planned on going to see Skyfall at the new theater CineBistro and having a nice meal there, but the movie was completely sold out so we just ended up going to Red Lobster for dinner and doing the 4 course combo, which was amazing and very very filling. We then spend the rest of the evening home relaxing with Leo. Today we got yummy Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, cleaned the house, got my car fixed, watched our Ravens kick some major butt and had Sunday dinner with the in laws.
Today was also Veterans Day so I was grateful to spend the whole day with my amazing Airman. I feel so blessed to be apart of this military life and to be by the side of a man fighting for our country every day. I am so thankful to everyone that is serving now and everyone that has served our country in the past.
I leave you now with Leo to start your week off right!


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