Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day thoughts!

I usually don't talk politics, but I am completely fed up with all the name calling and the bashing, all the crazy political adds, the million Facebook statuses constantly and all the people that have to make their thoughts known every chance they get. If I offend you then I am sorry. I am always worried that I will offend someone, especially in this blog, but I am tired of keeping my political thoughts to myself. I am a Republican and I voted for Mit Romney today along side my family. I will not justify my vote to anyone. I do not need to explain myself, and I won't. I have many reasons to vote the way that I did. If you voted for Obama, cool. You do not need to justify your vote to me either. You have your opinions and my family and I have ours. Plain and simple.

For those of you who did not vote today, I realize you have freedom of speech, but you really have nothing to say about the outcome if you did not vote. If you have such a strong opinion about a certain candidate, then get out there and make that opinion known by voting for them. It is not that hard. And for all you people on Facebook, give it a rest will ya. It is really getting out of hand on there. People that don't even know each other are fighting with each other and saying awful things about each candidate. It's insane and frankly I think I speak for everyone when I say that some people just need a "Facebook time out".

Alright, I think I have spoke my peace enough for one election. No matter who wins tonight, I just hope and pray that our country will return to the good place it once was. God bless America!


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