Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day Ten and Eleven: Something you're afraid of and favorite TV shows!

 Day Ten: Something you're afraid of!
 Tornadoes! They scare the absolute crap out of me! I love the Wizard of OZ and all, but when that tornado comes, I freak out in my head just a little. There are so many different looking tornadoes, but the one in the picture above which looks much like the one in the movie, freaks me out the most. I think being in the middle of one of these scares me more than anything, and yet, at the same time, they fascinate me as well. They are interesting to me when I am watching documentaries on them on the Weather Channel, but if I was to ever come face to face with one, I would cry. I would cry like a little baby.

Day Eleven: Favorite TV shows!

Yes. I am one of those girls that pretty much loves any teen television show. Actually, I love all kinds of shows, but mainly teen ones. But much like my favorite movies, my TV shows have a wide range as well. From soap operas to high school drama to fairy tale characters to zombies is about how it ranks.

1. One Tree Hill (Best show ever in the history of shows. I'm just saying)
2. The Walking Dead (Never in a million years would I think I would LOVE a show like this)
 3. Once Upon a Time
 4. Revenge
 5. How I Met Your Mother
 6. The Young and the Restless
7. The Bold and the Beautiful
8. Secret Life
9. Pretty Little Liars
10. Grey's Anatomy
11. Glee

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