Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day Twenty-eight: Something that stresses you out!

Right now, there are SO many things that stress me out that I cannot just pin point one thing. I think that life just stresses me out in general, which I'm sure is the same for many people. I mean I am really blessed and I really do not want to complain about anything in my life, but I am just so stressed and exhausted ALL THE TIME! Sometimes I just want to scream at the top of my lungs or take up boxing just so I can punch things. I'm surprised I don't have a stress ball with me at all times. I am stressed about money, STILL not being able to find the right full time position let alone start my career, whether or not to go back to school to get my Masters, when to start our family, whether we are going to continue to stay in Virginia or get stationed in a new state, and a billion other things. I am just a natural worry wart, so it is hard to not let things stress me out. I just need to learn to breath, be more optimistic and trust God, and everything will work itself out.

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