Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 29 and 30: Wishes and a picture!

- That Jarrett and I worked the same hours so that we could have the evenings together
- That Jarrett and I had our evenings together so that I could cook dinner for us every night
- That I could see my family and friends everyday
- That Leo wouldn't bark at everything and everyone
- To have a long and happy marriage with my sweet husband
- That cancer and all other illnesses did not exist
- That both of my grandparents were still alive
- That I didn't worry about everything
- To give birth to my own children and for them to be happy and healthy
- To adopt children and give them an amazing life
- To adopt special needs dachshunds or other dogs
- To live a long and happy into my 90's
And the list goes on and on. If I continue to write then I will be writing all night long with more and more wishes lol. I think I just wish for everything that everyone else wishes for.
A picture:


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