Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day Twelve and Thirteen: What you believe and your goals!

I believe in:
1. Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior
2. Love, true love and having a soul mate
3. That we are much stronger than we know
4. That God truly does answer prayers if you're just patient
5. Forgiveness
6. Family and friends are EVERYTHING
7. That everything has its own way of working out for the best
8. That anything is possible if we just work hard enough
9. Laughing. Always laugh and you will feel better
10. Chickfila cures any problem
11. Yoga pants are the best thing on the planet
12. Happiness. It does exist
13. All you need is a puppy and a good book sometimes
14. I know diamonds are a girls best friend and all, but I really think it's chocolate instead
15. Being a military wife has made me so much stronger than I ever thought I could be
16. Smile and smile often
17. Say "I love you" as many times as you possibly can
18. Soap operas will always be amazing
19. The Notebook will always be the best romance movie ever
20. The past does not define who we are

My Goals:

1. To finally get a good full time position that will lead me into a career
2. To obtain my MBA in Business Administration
3. To be a mother to three children
4. To get another mini dachshund
5. For Jarrett and I to buy a beautiful home out in the country
6. To be the female Nicholas Sparks and write romance novels
7. To travel, a lot
8. Adopt special needs dogs
9. To reach people with my blog, and for this blog to become something amazing
10. To be able to manage being an Air force wife, mother, career woman and writer someday
 11. To eat better and eat less sugary/sweet foods
12. To get back to the gym four to five nights a week
13. To just drink water and cranberry juice every day
14. To be more optimistic and believe in myself more
15. To get out of my comfort zone more often
16. To make reading every night a priority
17. To spend LESS money on myself
18. To do volunteering often
19. To train and run a 5k race
20.To be the best person I can be


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