Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend stuff!

 I had a great weekend! Hope you all did too. Friday I worked and then just went home and hung out with Leo all night. I usually make some kind of plans on Friday nights, but I was exhausted! Jarrett usually gets off early on Fridays too, but he had to work super late that night. I ended up going to bed at 10:00pm because I had to be up really early the next morning for work since we were having an event.
Saturday, we had our VIP weekend event going on at the store so I had to be at work at 7.00 am! If it had not been for the vanilla latte, I would have been dead that morning. We were pretty busy at first, but then we got super slow which meant that I got to leave at 12! I was super stoked to leave early because I would finally get some time with my sweet husband. When I got off he was still doing his volunteer work at the BX, but it wasn't long until he was done. We then went to Firehouse Subs for lunch and went to Petco to get Leo some more food, treats and a new toy, which he LOVES by the way. We then came home and took a three hour nap together, puppy included. After I woke up from my amazing nap, I did some online shopping! I got four sweaters and two pairs of skinny jeans from AE for $150! What a deal! And yes I did buy the same sweater in three different colors. If I like something enough, I tend to buy it in different colors as well. They were from the American Eagle Factory shop, so I got them each for $17! I couldn't pass them up.
Sunday we got up early and Jarrett got us these delicious smoked sausage sandwiches from Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. I was in heaven. We then went to Game's Farmers Market to get some fillet mignon, hamburger meat and ice cream. There is nothing like meat from a farmers market. So good. Afterwards, Jarrett took me to Bass Pro Shops to look at North Face coats.
This is the coat that he is hopefully getting me for Christmas. It is the Evolve Triclimate jacket from The North Face. I love it because it's a three-in-one jacket, so it's a jacket, a fleece and a coat when both are zipped together. I need a new winter coat so bad and I want one that will last. I cannot wait to see this under the tree soon. I LOVE North Face so much. I am obsessed with their fleeces, so I know I'll probably be obsessed with this coat too. So after we ran our errands to the farmers market and Bass Pro, I had to go to work. I usually don't work on Sundays, but this time I had to because of the event. It was worth it though because I got to take a lot of food home with me as you can see below!
It felt so weird getting off work at 5:30 and it being dark because of the time change. Getting dark at 5.00 makes me so tired. It was nice to come home though because I came home to my in laws at my house and a home cooked meal by the hubby.
And this! :)
Happy week ahead all,

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