Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Five and Friday Letter's

Welcome to another round of Friday Five and Friday's Letters! Hope you all had an easy, good week. My week was busy, busy, and more busy! You know, the usual. I am definitely looking forward to this weekend with my husband. If the weather cooperates, we will be headed to Busch Gardens again on Sunday. Yay!
1. Hurricane season
It's that time again. Tropical storm and hurricane season is among us, and I am not a fan at all. The past two years we have been hit pretty hard here in Virginia and my family were also hit hard in Maryland. It has been pretty rough, but somehow we've all pulled through with only minor issues. I cannot complain though, considering this lovely gal in the picture below me moved to New York during this time last year and was hit very very hard by super storm Sandy. Her and her boyfriend, Patrick, basically lost their apartment due to heavy flooding and they also had many problems with their vehicles. I am so thankful that they are okay, but I felt for them when I realized just how much they had lost. I am happy to report that they are doing great today and were able to get another apartment not too longer after the storm hit. I did ask Jarrett the other day if there are any hurricanes in Alaska. His response was, "No, but there are earthquakes and volcanoes." Ummmm honey, that's not what I want to hear! Eeeek!
2. Amanda 
So, this my friends is Amanda, the girl of which I spoke of above. To make a really really long story short, she dated my younger brother, Chris, for four or so years. During that time, her and I became really really close. Even when her and my brother parted ways, we still stayed close friends. She has been one of the most loyal friends to me while I have lived here in Virginia. Last year she graduated college and did exactly what I did when I graduates; she moved away to live with her significant other. She left everything that she had ever known and moved to New York for a boy. After she moved, we still stayed in touch, but it was hard to see each other. We would plan trips home to Maryland, but our trips were never during the same time. Well folks, today we reunited! She was in town in VA Beach to see the Kenny Chesney concert with her mom, and she was able to stop by my store before leaving to drive back to Maryland. It had been a little over a year since we had seen each other and it was amazing! I miss her face already! Whomp!
3. Laundry date night 
Yes, you saw that correctly. Laundry date night. Jarrett and I have been incredibly busy this week which meant that housework may have suffered a little bit. I have promised myself that I will catch up on my cleaning on my days off on Sunday and Monday. For now, the main thing that suffered from the week was laundry. Loads and loads of laundry. Usually when we have a ton of laundry, we just go to the laundry mat because they have bigger washers and dryers, plus we can fold everything there on those neat tables so all I have to do when we get home is put everything away. Voila! It cost a little more than doing laundry at our town home, but it basically cuts my laundry time in half. So, in true Katie and Jarrett fashion, we drove through Wendy's and ate it at the laundry mat while we waited. Perfect little date night. It doesn't matter where I am with my husband, we always enjoy each other's company.
4. Skype/Face Time with mom
My mom has entered the IPhone world! I am really glad she has because now we can do Face Time and even Skype through our IPhone's. Awesome considering we are about to be thousands of miles away for four or more years! Tonight, we tested Skype out and it worked for a little bit then our Internet connection went crazy and it stopped working. We then tried Face Time which worked way better than Skype. It was so much fun for my mom. She has never done anything like this before, so she was pretty excited when she saw my face and heard my voice all at the same time. I am excited to do this with her our first day in Alaska!
5. Scentsy love
My oh my, I am in love with Scentsy. I first introduced Scentsy in another Friday Five segment of which you can read about here. The first scent that I put in my warmer is called "My Home" and it is burning as we speak. Swoon! It smells just like I would want our home to smell when someone walks in the door. I have our home decorated with a little bit of modern flare and a little bit of country flare, so this scent reflects our home perfectly. LOVE!
Dear Hubby, Every time you walk by me as I type up this blog post, you kiss my cheek. Could you be any cuter tonight? It is little things like a random couple of kisses on the cheek that make me fall in love with you all over again. How do you do it? Dear Leo, How in the world are you managing to jump over your kitchen gate almost every time we leave the house? You amaze me every single day. I mean, at least you aren't taking any harsh feeling out on my shoes anymore, but still, this is crazy! I really have no clue what to do with you sometimes. I think we might just have to get a second gate just like the one we have. Ha, I'd like to see you jump over double gates! Dear PCS to Alaska, You are getting closer and closer by the minute. In two months we will be just about ready to head off on our two week driving adventure to get to you by August 31st! This still does not seem real to me. It will not seem real until the movers come in and take my car and all of our stuff. AHHHH!


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