Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend stuff

Happy Monday all! Hope you had yet another fabulous weekend. Mine was once again very relaxing! Friday night I came home from work and of course it was pouring down rain so we decided to stay in and put our movie plans on hold. We've been meaning to go to the movies for the past two weekends, but the weather has either been terrible or we cannot find a movie time that works for us and is not too late. We use to go to late movies all the time when we were younger, but now I swear we are old and we rather go to a five thirty or six o'clock movie right after work! Ha! So anyway, we just stayed in and snuggled with Leo while the rain came down. Perfect evening at home with my boys!
Saturday, I worked all day like usual, but I had a ton of fun shopping at work. I spend wayyyy too much money in Hallmark, but I cannot help it. Our store has so many cute things for the home and so many little things that I just love! Our store also has many many fashion products as you can see from my scarf modeling! I use to not really like the scarves in our store just because they were scarves that were more suitable for old women and not women in their twenties like me. Welp, these awesome infinity striped scarves came along on Friday and me and my girls at work are all hooked! I immediately put two on hold for pay day! I also have a ton of other stuff on hold! I'm sometimes surprised that my whole paycheck does not go towards Hallmark! Any who! After work I came home to a wonderful dinner cooked by the hubby! I absolutely love when he makes cheeseburgers and hot dogs! He cooks them perfectly! After dinner we had yet another snuggle sesh as a family. 
Sunday I had to work again. Why yes, I am a workaholic! I love working a lot of hours and working a ton of days in a row. I don't know why, I just do! So, Sunday morning I woke up and Jarrett had gone to get donuts for breakfast. So delicious! We then laid around until I had to get ready for work and watched country music videos together which is definitely something we never do. Neither of us had watched music videos in forever so we decided to just hang out and watch country videos! I mean, we all know that's the best thing to watch on TV on Sunday mornings! I then went to work around 11ish and modeled some more infinity scarves at work. Brittany and I wore them all day to promote them! 
After work I went straight over to my in laws for dinner where Jarrett and Leo already were. We had pork chops, salad, pasta salad, broccoli and garlic bread for dinner. This time we all decided to eat in the living room so we could watch a show about Alaska. By the way, there are soooo many shows about Alaska on the History channel and the Discovery channel! I swear ever since we received our orders we have noticed more and more Alaska shows! They are every where, so you guys need to check them out! So back to eating in the living room! I literally turned my head for a second and Leo had taken my pork chop right off my plate and got the sauce all over my clothes. While it was quite funny, we did put Leo in the bathroom after his little stunt. He whined a little bit then stopped and laid down. He knew what he did was bad. Crazy puppy!
Today I got a lot done! I got up early, cleaned the house, went to my last dentist appointment here, got a yummy Chickfila lunch equipped with a free strawberry milkshake for my sore mouth courtesy of my Chickfila calendar card, then came home and vacuumed the whole house, did laundry then put clean sheets on our bed. By the time I got all that done it was time for Jarrett to get off work! He came home from work and made us strawberry banana protein smoothies then cooked a pizza for dinner. Ever since dinner we've been watching Buying Alaska on the Discovery channel. We are a little obsessed with his show, especially since we might be buying our first home in Alaska! So exciting!

How was your weekend? Did you go to the movies at all? Early or late movie?
Do you watch any shows on the History channel or the Discovery channel?
How long has it been since you watched music videos on TV?

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