Sunday, June 9, 2013

What will you pack and what will you stack?

Today was the first day that Jarrett and I have been to church together since he came home. He's been a few times with his parents, but I have not because I have been either out of town or have been so busy. I know being busy is no excuse for not going to church, but we went today and it felt so amazing to be at church with my husband again after going to church without him for four months! The whole service was dedicated to the 2013 high school graduates of the church, so the graduates and youth leader led the whole service. It was wonderful! The sermon was about transition. Perfect sermon for Jarrett and I at this point in our life. 

The youth leader explained that when we go through a big change or transition, we usually leave things behind and bring things with us. We stack things behind us and pack the things that we want to bring with us. He asked our congregation, "What will you stack and what will you pack when going through a transition in your life?" I started thinking about this question immediately. When we move to Alaska, I will leave behind fear, worry, disappointment, weakness, being my own worse critic, trying to please everyone, letting people walk all over me and many other things that I hope to let go of. With me I will take a great attitude, bravery, strength, optimism, faith, hope, love, trust, confidence and happiness and my dreams. 

So now I ask you the same question. With whatever changes or transitions you have going on in your life, what will you stack(leave behind) and what will you pack(take with you)?


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