Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Five and Friday Letters

Hello all! Sorry I missed Friday Five and Friday letters for last week. Last Friday we went out to dinner, went grocery shopping and then we both came home and crashed from a really long busy week! This week was long and busy too, but I don't plan to crash too early tonight. So let's get on with Friday Five shall we!

1. Keds
Okay! Lately I have been a little obsessed with Keds shoes! My co-worker, Sandy, had bought a couple of pairs for work just recently because they are so comfortable and at Hallmark, you are constantly moving and lifting and moving and lifting. To work at a store like ours, you really need cute comfortable shoes to wear. They are having a major sale on many of their styles and I want want want! The two pairs above are the ones on my wish list! Hopefully I will be wearing them very soon!

2. New stuff at work
We have been getting the cutest stuff at the store lately. I am in love with all of it! My two favorite things that we've got are new beach decor for our beach section and wooden plaques and mugs with adorable quotes on them! I mean, can it get any cuter than this for home decor? Nope, sure can't! I love beachy decor and I love decor with quotes on them. Perfect combo! I don't care if I am moving to a place where it's mainly snowy and cold, I am still keeping my beachy bathroom and I am still keeping all of my beachy/springish/summerish decor. 

3. Disney home decor
Lately I have also been thinking about expanding my Disney decor. I never thought I have would have Disney stuff in my home, not because I don't love Disney because I definitely do, but because I never thought it would go with my other decor. Boy was I wrong. The Disney plaques can go with anything in your home. Somehow, my plaques just work with everything else. I also LOVE my Cinderella snow globes and my Beauty and the Beast figurine. These two movies are my absolute favorite Disney movies. Just having these in my home bring me happiness and sometimes motivation to get through a long day! I suggest you bring out your inner child and buy some Disney decor for your home too! 

4. Leo cuteness 
Ughhhh my dog is so stinking cute. He makes the cutest faces and I swear he smiles and winks at me sometimes. He just amazes me. When he sleeps is when he is at his maximum cuteness! Sometimes he smiles in his sleep and then my heart melts. I look at how much I love him and I cannot believe I love an animal so much! I mean, I never knew you could love an animal this much. It's crazy!

5. Friday nights at home 
So, tonight we were going to go to the movies to see World War Z, but the weather got really nasty. We decided just to stay in tonight. We did step out to get some yummy Wendy's and strawberry lemonades from there, but then we came back home and have been watching other zombie movies instead of WWZ. We first watched 28 Days Later and now we are watching Zombie Land. Yes, my husband and I love zombie movies and yes we love The Walking Dead! We are "that" couple. Sometimes just staying in and watching movies is the best way to bring in the weekend

Hellooooo Friday Letter's!

Dear Jarrett, You are so cute when you watch zombie movies. You just love them and it's funny to watch how fixated you are on the TV. This is just one of the many bazillion reasons why I love you! Dear Leo, You are just the most snugly thing ever. As soon as I get a blanket to lay with on the couch you just have to come over and snuggle your way under it. You love to be covered just like I do. You also love to be warm like I do. You are your mommy's son, that's for sure! Dear Alaska, In a little over a month Jarrett, Leo and I will be all packed up and on our way to you for four to eight years of our life. I can't believe how quick everything is happening. Dear first day of Summer, Yay you're finally here! I need to enjoy you while I can because soon I won't live thirty minutes from a beach anymore or have a pool anymore! Boo!
What is every one's plans for the weekend?
Are you having a lazy Friday night at home too?
Did anyone do anything fun for the first day of Summer?

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