Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jarrett's first month home

Jarrett has already been home a month now! Yay so exciting! Within his month, we've already done so much and already gotten a lot done in regards to our orders. At this point, we are waiting on the paper orders and then we can officially put in our vacancy notice at our town home, figure out exactly when the movers should come and figure out exactly when we will drive off to Alaska for four or more years! Nothing will seem real until we actually get there, so at this point I am just staying calm, cool and collective! 

This past month we have been busy busy busy running around on base to appointments left and right! My husband has to be at way more appointments than I do and he has to do it all while balancing work too. He has so much on his plate, but I am already so proud of him for getting everything done that needs to be done. 

Aside from dealing with our orders, we have spent a lot of time going to the gym together, cooking meals together (healthy meals too) and seeing family and friends over this month. Pretty much every weekend has been packed for us. The first weekend Jarrett was home we just spent time with each other and some time with my in laws. The weekend after that my dad and Kelly came down for the weekend and we went out to dinner and went to the movies. That weekend we also spent time with the in laws. Pretty much every weekend we do dinner at my in laws. It's the perfect little once a week get together! 

The third weekend we went home to Maryland for my brother's graduation. We had a blast then! The next weekend was my trip to Massachusetts of which Jarrett could not go so he stayed home, got some more stuff done on base then had dinner with his parents a couple nights in a row. I missed him a lot, but I was glad he got to spend some quality time with his parents! I just updated about this past weekend where my best friend Christina came to visit. Jarrett and I both had a blast with her here. This weekend coming up, I promised him that we wouldn't make a lot of plans. Maybe just eating dinner at the in laws Saturday night and if the weather is okay, going to Busch Gardens on Sunday. Other then that, we are going to take it easy this weekend!

The next two months are going to be so hectic with going home to see family and friends as much as we can and getting final things done for our move. A couple of peaceful weekends at home with Jarrett before all the chaos starts will be just the thing we need!
Here is a little article about Jarrett on the Joint Base Langley-Eustis website. I love how the article is focused on Jarrett and Leo's homecoming haha! It's the sweetest article ever! LOVE! 


  1. Hi Katie! How excited you mus be that Jarrett is home! Hope you guys are enjoying some time together!

    I had a question for you about possibly collaborating on something and was hoping you could email me back to discuss? Thanks so much!

    - Emma

    emmabanks9 (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Hello there Emma! Yes we are really enjoying our time together since he came home! It's the best feeling ever! I just sent you and email about working on something together! Hope to hear back soon! :)



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