Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Alaska: Officially official

So, yesterday my husband received his official paper work for our orders. We are officially going to Alaska. No backing out. This is real life. Holy crap. I mean, I'm glad we finally received them, but now everything is starting to sink in. There was not much else that we could do until we had the paper work, and now that we do, it's time to get the big stuff done. When I got home from work yesterday, we took the copy of our orders and our letter to vacate our apartment over to our leasing office. Just reading the orders on paper and then reading our letter to our leasing office was enough to make it seem real. Then when we received our letter of notice to vacate and seeing that it said that we would be out of the apartment by the end of July made it sink in even more! Eeeeek! After we put in our notice at our town home, we figured everything else out! Here is our tentative schedule for the rest of the move:

-Leo's last vet appointments in early July
-July 22nd and 23rd the movers are coming then we'll stay at Jarrett's parent's town home until we leave
-The same week of July 22nd we have to take my car to Portsmouth to have it shipped
-August 2nd will be my last day at Hallmark
-August 5th we're leaving Virginia and staying in Maryland for a week to spend more time with family and friends
-August 12th we're leaving Maryland and will officially be on our two week trip to our new life in Alaska

Is anyone waiting for orders right now?
Anyone going anywhere really neat?
Anyone going to Alaska too?


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