Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weekend stuff

Hello everyone! I'm back for another weekend recap! Hope your weekend was wonderful. Mine sure was! Friday night after work, I met Rachel for dinner at our new Longhorn Steakhouse! This was the second time I had been to Longhorn, and this time I actually ordered a steak. I'm a big fish person, but lately I've been loving steak and this steak was amazing. Rachel and I had a great time eating and catching up! I hadn't seen her in about a month so it was great to just get together and just catch each other up on life!
Saturday night, my best friend Christina came to town for the weekend. We had a blast as usual! Once she got here, her, Jarrett and I went to dinner at Cheddar's which is always delicious! After dinner we took her to Yogurt Vi to get frozen yogurt. I had tried to take her there last time she visited, but it was seven o'clock on a Sunday when we tried to go and they were closed. Whomp whomp! After frozen yogurt we just came home, hung out and played with Leo! Jarrett may have put Leo on top of the kitchen table too when we were playing! Whoops!
Sunday was the perfect day! We got up a little early and went to Busch Gardens. We got there a little after they opened, so they weren't that busy. Actually, the whole time we were there it wasn't that busy and the weather was not that hot. Score. Usually every time Jarrett and I go  there it's either hot as crap or it's pouring down rain as soon as we get there. We got lucky this day! Jarrett also got lucky and won a huge wiener dog for Leo to destroy. So hilarious! We stayed at Busch Gardens till about three o'clock then we just went back to the house and stayed in since we were so exhausted! It was a great day with my husband and best friend!   
Monday, Christina and I just took it easy for a while. We went out and ran a couple errands then went to Panera for lunch, but ended up taking our food home because the restaurant was so busy! After lunch we took naps and just relaxed! Later on we decided to go shopping at the outlets in Williamsburg. We had a great time and got a lot of cute stuff! We left the outlets around eight-thirty then stopped and got yummy Chickfila for dinner and brought it home. Another great day!
Tuesday, it was time for me to go back to work and time for Christina to go back to Maryland. Nooo! She is probably coming back again the third week of June so I cannot wait to have another fun weekend with her! So stay tuned for another fun weekend with my best friend!

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