Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! I have been so blessed and lucky to have the kind of father that I have! He has been there for me always, even when I was doing something that he was not sure of a.k.a becoming a military wife. He was so wonderful when it took everything in me to tell him that Jarrett and I would be married at the courthouse instead of planning a wedding. Especially since I was telling him two months before it was to take place. No matter how hard this military life is, he is always there supporting Jarrett and I on our journey even if that means me moving far away! Dad, it does not matter how far the Air Force moves us, I will always be your little girl and your Katie Punkin! 

I know Jarrett and I are not parents just yet, but we are parents to our little fur baby, Leo. Every one thinks that having a puppy is no big deal and that its not THAT hard. Haha for those of you who have never had a puppy are WRONG! Puppies are exactly like babies! When you bring a puppy home, you have to train it. You have to potty train it, crate train it, train it to eat at certain times of the day, train it to not chew on everything, train it to be alone in the house when you leave for work, clean up after it when it has an accident in the house, clean up after it when it gets sick, take it to the vet regularly and take it to the vet when it's sick. You are basically a parent. I don't care what anyone says, pets are our children too. Some couples, all they have are pets. Their pets are their babies. Leo is our only baby for now, so I think of Jarrett as his father. Not think of, he is his father. And no, it's not silly to think this way! He's a great father to him and he will be an even better father when our children come along! I cannot wait to see him with our children and see just how much he loves them!

I also want to extend a happy Father's Day to both of my father's in law. I am so lucky to have married into a wonderful extended family. I have a father in law and a step father in law, both of whom I respect and love very much! Jarrett has two wonderful role models to look up to for when he becomes a first time father. Our kids are going to have pretty awesome grandfathers! 

Hope every father had a wonderful day!
What were your Sunday plans?
Did you do something fun and interesting with your dad/dad like figure?

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