Sunday, June 9, 2013

Optimism, Faith and Bravery for Alaska

So, ever since I found out about our orders to Alaska, I haven't know exactly how to feel about it. I mean, I have so many emotions all rolled into one. Good emotions and some bad ones. It won't seem real until the movers show up to take all of our stuff and until my car is shipped off! Since the news, I have been thinking, thinking and thinking some more. I mean, I think a lot as it is, but I have been critically thinking about how I will deal with this huge transition in my life when it is reality. If you know me well, you know I am a huge worry wart. I have been worried sick since this news. Will I hate Alaska? Will I obtain a career in Alaska? Will I have a hard time adjusting? How will our two week drive go? Will all of our stuff really be there when we get there? What will our new house look like? And the questions go on and on!

When I moved to Virginia three years ago, I had SO many expectations and I was determined that I would love up to them! I didn't worry at all about this transition! I actually didn't worry all that much because I knew everything would work out perfectly somehow. This was my ultimate plan: move to a new state to finally be with my husband, obtain a really good high paying job that I would love, meet a lot of military wives and be just like Army Wives, start a family right away because we would both have fantastic jobs and would be able to afford to do so, not get stationed else where, buy a nice house, settle down here and not be home sick at all! Yes, those were my exact plans that I had set in my head of how I wanted my life to be. Although it did not turn out that way at all, this turned out to be three of the best and most challenging years of my life. I honestly would not change a thing. 

Now here I am, going through the same thing that I went through three years ago. May it be just a little different, it is still the same thing to me. I still have those same expectations for myself in Alaska. I think it's normal to have these expectations. I mean, don't we all have them? Although I have been worrying a lot about things not working out as I have planned for myself, I am choosing to be optimistic! I am choosing this attitude. I will not choose to worry nor will I choose to be pessimistic, although it may be hard at times. I am choosing to have faith. Faith that God will be right by our side as we go through this. Faith that God will provide a wonderful life for us there. Faith that the transition will run smoothly. Faith that everything will fall into place when it is time. I will not expect things to go my way, but I will have faith that things will work out no matter how hard things may be. I will be strong. I will be brave. Above all, I will trust The Lord!

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