Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend stuff and a surprise bridal shower

Hello all! How was your weekend? Mine was so busy, but wonderful all the same! Friday I got off work an hour early since Jarrett and I were going to Maryland for the weekend. Before I left work I did a little shopping since I haven't bought anything for myself in a little bit. I bought my two infinity scarves that I've been obsessed with, two pairs of adorable sandals and a Forever in my Heart locket bracelet! I've bought three Forever in my Heart products as gifts for family and friends and I decided I wanted one as well. I bought four charms for my locket that included Jarrett's/Leo's birthstone, my birthstone, a "dog mom" charm and a flip flop charm! I LOVE it! It's nice to spoil yourself every now and then! After I got home, I packed the rest of our stuff and we hit the road to Maryland for the weekend! Our next trip home will be our last and I am dreading it! It will definitely be an emotional last trip!
Saturday, we got up early and went to a big breakfast with mom at Golden Corral. Afterwards mom and I finished up our shopping for Brooke's bridal shower gifts and then we had to take Leo to his grooming appointment with Michelle's Pretty Paws. After we dropped Leo off we went to The Country House so I could get a new duck for my coffee table since my old duck got decapitated! Boo! I loooove The Country House and I am going to miss buying stuff for our home there! After I got my new duck we went home and mom and I got ready for the shower while Jarrett picked up Leo. Mo and I had the best time at the shower. Brooke had no idea I was home and I may have made small talk with her via text message to throw her off. It worked so well. I LOVE surprising my friends ad family! I've snuck home before and scared the crap out of my mom and that was hilarious! Just think of how amazing it will be when I find the time and money to sneak home from Alaska! :P
Anyways! The surprise shower was awesome! Brooke was so surprised and excited when she walked in! I had a wonderful time with her and Erica. I was also very blessed to feel so included even though I am not able to be a bridesmaid! Mom and I also both won bridal shower bingo! I never win anything so I was excited to actually win for a change! We had such a great time and I feel so blessed and lucky to have great friends! Below are most of the pictures I took from the shower!
[delicious cake]
[Our prizes]
[My gift was opened first! Please excuse my pale bruised Hallmark knees]
[Mom's present was second to be opened]
[Brooke and her Aunt]
[Brooke and her soon to be MIL]
[Brooke and her amazing mommy]
[Brooke and our adorable Austyn]
[Bow hat time]
[Erica, Erica, me]

Sunday, Jarrett and I went to Dunkin Donuts to pick up some yummy donuts for breakfast then we ran some errands. Later on we went over to my dad's for lunch. He made burgers on the grill and homemade Mac and cheese and then we had ice cream cones for dessert! I love my dad and his amazing cooking! We also got to see his new chicken coup that him and Kelly built together. He bought three hens for his coup and they were so fun to look at. Leo got a little spooked at them at first and then he just got curious! So hilarious! After my dad's house we left to go back to Virginia! Leo slept the whole way home! He was a tired little boy! 
Today I did wife things consisting of doing the grocery shopping and the laundry! Not sure why, but grocery shopping and laundry wore me the heck out. It wore Leo out too, haha! Later on Jarrett came home from work and then we went over to the in laws for dinner! Afterwards we went to Barnes and Noble to get The Milepost guide book for our trip and then we started reading it over frozen yogurt at Yogurt Vi! Perfect end to a busy tiring day! 
I'm excited for July 4th on Thursday and my mom coming on Friday for a whole week! I can't wait for a little down time with family this week especially in the midst of a crazy month for us! 

Did you go to any bridal showers this weekend?
Did you do any traveling this weekend?
What are your plans for July 4th?


  1. Hey Katie! Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi! I am married to a Naval aviator and love meeting other military wives! Excited to follow you via GFC :)


  2. Hi Chelsea! Thanks so much for stopping by! I love meeting new military wives too! Blogging is such a great way for us to keep our loved ones involved in our crazy busy lives! I love your page too and I am now a follower! :) Please keep in touch!

    -Katie Nicole


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