Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend stuff

Hi all! Hope your weekend was full of family, friends and sunshine. Except for a little rain on Saturday we had a beautiful weekend here in Virginia! It was wonderful! So anyways! My mom left yesterday, but I got to spend another great weekend with her! Friday night Jarrett and I took her out to dinner for her birthday dinner. We went to Cheddar's and of course it was yummy yummy! At midnight I had to go back to work for our Ornament Premiere at the store. Mom came with me and worked at the store too. It was pretty fun having her there! Saturday I worked from early in the morning until five and by five o'clock I was dead to the world! I was exhausted after such a crazy busy day! I came home and then we just stayed in and ordered a movie and pizza. Perfect Saturday night at home.

Sunday, mom and I got lunch, went back to my store to do a little ornament shopping then did a little grocery shopping. Then the in laws came over and we cooked breakfast for dinner. My MIL made turkey bacon and pancakes and my mom made smoked sausage and a huge potato chip omelet courtesy of Rachael Ray! That sucker was enough to feed about six people. So interesting and so good. Later on after dinner Jarrett and I started going through our closets and organizing everything for our move next week. We finished all of our organizing yesterday and tonight and it felt so good to clean and throw out a ton of pointless stuff. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders by getting everything organized! Now all we have to do is pack our stuff for a whole month, get all the pictures off of the walls and get out all of my fragile stuff and we will be ready for the movers on Monday! It's all really coming together! We are going to Alaska!
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