Monday, July 22, 2013

Our week on Instagram

1. Sophie does not like to be held like a baby
2. Not feeling this either
3. Play time on the bed
4. A goodbye photo shoot
 5. The dogs actually looked at the camera
6. Sophie bug
7. My new ornaments
8. My boot camp letters that I found
9. My baby bible that I found
10. Caroline (my SIL) and I at Six Flags #tbt
 11. Tangled on my lunch break
12. The biggest fish n chips ever
13. Banana Caramel cheesecake for dessert
 14. My field hockey days #tbt
15. Jarrett's last day at Fuddruckers before leaving for Air Force boot camp #tbt
16. Jarrett's boot camp graduation picture #tbt
 17. Baby Jarrett and his dad #tbt
18. What it says for my first week away from the store
19. Sleepy boys
20. Cleaning, packing and organizing the house
21. Bye bye master bedroom
22. Peace out guest bedroom
23. Oh, hello there Leo
 24. MIL's good cookin
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