Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekend stuff

Hiya all! How was your weekend? Mine was great because my momma is here! She has a week of vacation and she chose to spend it here in Virginia with us, especially since we move this month! Ahhhh crazy, right? Still doesn't seem real, but any who! Mom came down on July Fourth and is staying through Monday so I'm so glad to have her here for a little. Friday night after work, we went to Cancun for some delicious Mexican food and then we went to Rita's for dessert! Jarrett and I pretty much get Rita's and frozen yogurt once a week. We have problems, but it's cool. Jarrett also got his iPhone 5 in the mail, so we spent a lot of time playing with it. Next month I get my iPhone five too! I can't wait! Saturday, I worked and then we stayed in and cooked steaks for dinner. I also came home to a nice bottle of wine from the hubby. He's a little bit wonderful sometimes! After dinner, we watched The Call and it was so good! I love seeing a really bad guy get his butt kicked by a woman! Boo ya! Sunday I got up early and got laundry done. Later on mom and I went out to Walmart and stopped by Schlotzsky's for lunch. Their sandwiches are the best ever! I will miss them! The rest of the day we were basically lazy which is always nice on Sunday!
Did you go to any good restaurants this weekend?
What are your favorite restaurants?
Everyone enjoying their summer so far?
Anyone going on any fun vacations soon?
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