Sunday, July 14, 2013

My vanity favorites

We have the cutest little built in vanity in our master bedroom of which I am going to miss so much. I am so glad that it came with our town home because I have a lot of products that I use every day and I keep those products on the vanity instead of keeping them in our tiny upstairs bathroom. My vanity has always been my little beauty nook and now I never want to go without a vanity! I must have myself a vanity in Alaska even if I have to go buy one myself. I think every girl should have herself a vanity so she has her own little space to get ready for the day, work, going out with friends or date night. Although I have a ton of products on mine, there are a select few that are my absolute favorite! They range from makeup to nail polish to lotions and sprays to hair products! I have all kinds of products on my vanity

Do you have a cute little vanity too?
What are your favorite beauty products?

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