Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend stuff

Happy beginning of the week y'all! Hope your weekend was awesome! My weekend was absolutely exhausting! Friday I worked until five and then came home and did more organizing and cleaning of the house. We also got Wendy's for dinner and I tried that pretzel bacon cheeseburger. OMG that is the best burger in the world. That burger and their strawberry lemonade was the best fast food dinner ever, we'll next to Chickfila that is. Saturday was a repeat of Friday with me working all day and coming home to more moving stuff. We finished organizing the house and started moving the stuff that we are taking with us over to my IL's house! We are staying with them until we leave Virginia on August 1st! We feel like little kids again living with them, but we are lucky to have loving and supportive parents to help us out in the midst of all this craziness!

Sunday we packed up everything that we are taking and took the rest over to the IL's. We then spent the rest of the day getting everything out and organized for the movers. Doing all of this in this summer heat is so tiring! After we were finally done on Sunday we attempted to take Leo to the beach, but of course the beach didn't allow pets from May until September. Really? Yes, that is stupid! So then we just drove around a little and then came back home and took naps! We were spent! Today the movers came and I am so glad everything is all moved out! The pictures above are a complete reaction to how I felt while everything was being moved out! I was happy, scared and nervous all at the same time! This is a nerve recking time for us because we have never been through this before! Now that the moving part is done, we are ready to get going with everything else!

Any other military couples been through this whole moving thing lately?
Anyone live really far away from family?
Anyone suffering through a heat wave like us?
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  1. We are over 1,000 miles away from all family and friends and it was really hard at first. But you learn to rely on each other A LOT and eventually get used to it!

  2. It was hard enough to move three hours away from family and friends when we got married, so now is definitely going to be a huge change! I'm looking forward to us taking this adventure together, but I get concerned with us starting a family next year and being so far from my mom and mother in law!

  3. my husband and I are from CA, and we have lived in NC, GA, and now AK-so no matter what we have always been over 2,000 miles from family!
    today is AUG 1st! so that means you should have started on your grand adventure!! have fun!

  4. Nikki, we left yesterday to come to Maryland for a week to spend time with our families and on August 7th we leave for Alaska! Ahhh I cannot believe we will be driving there soon! :P


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