Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Alaska Essentials

So, with us moving to Alaska pretty soon, we have started thinking about clothing articles that we'll need to purchase. I mean, we have coats, jackets, gloves and what not, but we don't really have heavy duty stuff for harsh winters! My husband and I want to purchase good, durable winter clothing that won't fall apart on us once we get there. Although it is still summer there right now and the weather is normal, by the time we get there it will be getting cold again. We want to be prepared as much as possible when it comes to our clothing!

We both LOVE The North Face and it just so happens we have an awesome North Face outlet in Williamsburg! I went shopping at the outlets with my best friend Christina not too long ago and we went into the North Face outlet and let me tell you...they had EVERYTHING that we'll need! My mind felt at ease when I saw all the coats, jackets, snow pants, snow boots, etc. Plus, it's an outlet so everything was much cheaper than normal. The North Face is an expensive brand and to find the essentials we need at a decent price was so awesome!

Here is our list so far of the items we need/want to purchase(I'm sure we're leaving some stuff out, but this is all we've come up with so far):

1. More heavy coats(maybe two more for both of us)
2. More jackets, fleeces and sweaters
3. More pants and jeans
4. Long johns and thermals
5. More hats, ear muffs, gloves and scarves
6. Snow pants and snow boots(at least two of each for both of us to start out)
7. Back packs and duffel bags for outdoor activities(fishing, hunting, etc.)

Any other military couples being transferred to Alaska too?
Anyone have any other suggestions as to what else clothing wise we should buy?
Have you ever vacationed to Alaska? If so, did you absolutely love it?
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  1. hello there, fellow military spouse here-who is in Alaska! I'm going to send you an email. perhaps if you end up where I am we can meet up


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