Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Friday all! My mom came down yesterday for her week long vacation and we have had a blast since she got here. I am definitely cherishing this week with her for it will be her last visit here before the move. Also, Jarrett and I have moved up the date for when we'll be leaving Virginia. We've decided that since the movers are coming July 22nd and that my vehicle will be shipped the same week, we should just go ahead and drive to Maryland that weekend and stay a little longer there before officially leaving for Alaska. I'm excited about packing all of our stuff, spending quality time with family and friends then just hitting the road for our brand new life chapter!

1. Jarrett's officially done at Langley AFB! Yay! His last day of work was on Wednesday and it is SO good to have him home. Now he refers to himself as a stay at home fur daddy for the time being! Hilarious! So now I don't feel so bad for working a lot until the move. I wanted to work and help out at the store as much as possible before the move so I am working all the way up until we leave. I'm glad at least one of us is home to get a head start on getting things ready and organized! July is going to be the busiest month ever for us!
2. This week I purchased some better skin and makeup products to add to my morning and night skin care routine. I had been meaning to upgrade my routine for a while, but just never really thought about it much until now. I started reading other blogs where they talked about their skin and makeup routines every day and I realized I should probably do more for my skin and do more to make my face look a little better and more refined. I've always worn makeup, but for the longest time I would just wear the usual stuff that didn't take too long to put on in the morning. Maybe I was lazy about taking care of my skin? Yep I was. Now even though I'm having to add a little more time to my morning routine because of the added products, my face looks better and will be healthier because I am taking the time to actually take care of it. Later on, I will share in depth my new routine and maybe you'll find I'm using the same products that you use or that you might want to try the same ones I'm using! Us ladies have to stick together when it comes to taking care of our faces! :P
3. Yesterday was July Fourth and I got to wear my new Old Navy flag tee, jeans and my Asics tennis shoes to work! It was so comfy to wear my Asics all day around the store! I also loved wearing my Old Navy tee. For as long as I can remember I have loved Old Navy flag tees, plus they are so cheap and affordable for everyone! I will probably wear it any time since it's so darn adorable!
4. So, my step father in law has recently started working as a Route Salesman again. Now he is working for Tastykake doing the same job he did years ago. He loves his job and we love it when he brings goodies home. Wednesday when Jarrett got home from work, there was a Tastykake stock pile on our kitchen counter courtesy of Bill. We literally have enough snacks for the entire month. Love it!
5. Today, Jarrett got his IPhone 5 in the mail. Yay we both have iPhones now and now we can do FaceTime during deployments! FaceTime has much better picture quality than Skype, so if we can do FaceTime instead, I will be a lot happier! Of course when you get a new phone you have to spend a lot of time playing with it and getting use to it. Well, this picture of Leo below is a result of him playing with the phone and discovering the app Piclab! He also discovered the Walking Dead app where you can turn yourself into a zombie with your picture. Needless to say, I think he loves having an iPhone!
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