Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Five

1. Last weekend we started going through the closets and throwing out stuff that we didn't want nor need anymore. While doing this, I finally found Jarrett's letters from boot camp seven years ago! I couldn't believe it! I thought I had lost them because I couldn't even find them at my mom's house. I was sure I had left them in my room at my mom's when I moved to Virginia, but nope, they were in our bedroom closet the whole time! I also found old pictures and a post card that Jarrett had sent me from a deployment in Hawaii! Just reading the letters and looking at the pictures took me back to when we first started dating, and it felt amazing! Let's just say, my husband was quite the romantic in those letters!
2. I finally watched the movie Tangled. I had never seen it before and I LOVED it! I love Disney movies and more so now for some reason. I just love all the Disney princesses! I swear I'm turning into a little girl again! My co-worker Ashley had downloaded Tangled on her iPod and made me start watching it on my lunch break. I loved it from the beginning and rented the movie when I got home from work to finish it! So freaking cute and such a sweet movie! Now the other princess Disney movie that I need to see is Brave! Can't wait to rent it soon!
3. Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty is my favorite! The other night I was doing some more cleaning in our room and of course I had to turn Duck Dynasty on for some cleaning motivation! Uncle Si had me laughing so hard! Uncle Si says the darnedest things! Actually, it doesn't take much for Uncle Si to crack me up! Half of the time he just sits there with a blank look on his face and it's hilarious! If you haven't seen Duck Dynasty yet, you need to! It is my favorite show right now. 
4. This past weekend we had our Christmas in July Ornament Premiere at our store. It was soooo busy and stressful, yet it was a lot of fun. My mom also helped out and had a lot of fun with us! I usually put my ornaments on layaway and I usually buy a lot more , but with the move I just bought the ones that I really really wanted! I love ornaments and I also really love the Barbie and Disney princess ornaments. I usually buy mainly Barbie ornaments, but Hallmark is not selling them anymore because of high price changes made by Mattel! This year I focused on the princess ornaments. 

My favorite ones that I bought were Beautiful Belle and Cinderelly Cinderelly where the mice sing the song "Cinderelly Cinderelly" when you press the button. Soooo adorable! I love it! I also got Beautiful Ballerina where you pull the cord and a ballerina twirls to the song from The Nutcracker and Cookie Cutter Christmas which is the series that I collect! I want to collect a couple of series ornaments so that I can give them to my children in the future! I can't wait to start Christmas traditions with our children! 
5. We got some really neat silicone kitchen stuff in at the store the other day. We got wine stoppers, drink lids, casserole lids, bowl lids and colanders. So neat. My favorite are the wine stoppers. They come in sunflowers, hibiscus flowers and lily pads as the designs. I bought the sunflower and hibiscus flower wine stoppers. I must say, my cute little sunflower stopper looks quite adorable on my wine bottle!

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