Friday, August 2, 2013

Our life lately

Man oh man life has been hectic over the past two weeks! Last Monday the movers came and took everything and then we moved in with my in laws for the time being. We had an awesome time staying with them. I still worked a lot since we had moved in, but then I was done work on Saturday. Since I've been done with work we have been going to the beach a lot and just hanging out and we plan to do the same now that we're in Maryland! We had to stay in Virginia until Wednesday because we had Leo's last vet appointment then where we got his pet certificate to cross through Canada. After that appointment, there was nothing keeping us in Virginia so we were ready to go to Maryland to spend some time with the rest of our family and friends. It was hard leaving Jarrett's parents, but we were so grateful for our time with them over the past week and a half. We will be in Maryland for a week spending time and saying goodbye to everyone else and all though it will be really hard, I know we can all make it through this! We plan to say "see ya later" instead of "goodbye"!!!!

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