Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend stuff!

I promised myself that I was going to have a relaxing weekend at home, for once. That I did. I usually always say that I am going to stay in because every single one of my weekends is usually slammed with errands, events, outings with friends or hubby and little odds and ends. This weekend, I stuck to my plans of staying in the majority of the weekend.
Friday night I had a humongous appetite. I mean you would have seriously thought I was pregnant if you had seen all the food I ate in one sitting. Now, I'm not a tooth pick by any means, but I have always been a pretty petite girl with a huge appetite. It is literally no wonder I don't weigh double what I actually weigh. After work, I drove through Taco Bell and purchased two cheesy gordita crunches and a doritos locos taco. Now, I can usually barely stuff down two cheesy gordita crunches, but I was a hungry girl that night. I scarfed down the gorditas then was still hungry as ever for the dorito taco. After that I was finally full, or so I thought. After dinner I ran to the gas station to put gas in the Impala and wouldn't you know, I drove past Sonic. They have these new molten chocolate lava sundaes and I had to have one. I seriously did a u-turn to get to Sonic. Below is what I got. I ate every single bit of it. Nom nom.
Saturday as usual I had work until five. I used some of my down time to wrap some of Leo's birthday presents. Yes I said it. I wrapped some of my dog's presents. So what. You know you've done it a time or two. Don't lie. Anyways, I only wrapped his cookies. The toys I got for him he can just have on his birthday. You should have seen him at Christmas opening all of his gifts. We helped him open his gifts and it was hilarious. He was literally like a little kid when we tore off the wrapping paper. After work I just went home and fell asleep at nine. It was an early night for me after a long work week.

Yesterday I got up super early and went to Sunday School with the in laws. They have been attending this amazing class before the service so I decided to go as well. I loved it. I introduced myself to the class and told them about Jarrett and I, this deployment and our upcoming move. I also met some other military couples. Yesterday was also Palm Sunday, so we discussed Palm Sunday in detail. We talked about what Palm Sunday meant back then and what it means to us now. After the class we went to the 10:45 church service. It was great as always. After church I took Leo to see the girls at the store. I was so proud of him because this was the first time he did not get car sick going or coming. I guess the half a Dramamine tablet in peanut butter helped. After we got home, we stayed home because it started to snow. Not even a week into spring and it snows. Oh well, that's our weather for ya!
Below was the extent of my Monday morning. I lounged around the house with this little boy while catching up on Army Wives and The Client List. I haven't had a lounge around type of morning in forever. It felt awesome!
Hope your weekend was full of hardy appetites, time spent with family and friends, church and worship, puppies and just plain old relaxation!

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