Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Memory keeping fun!

Okay everyone! Are you ready for some more Hallmark marketing from yours truly? Well, ready or not, here it comes once again. Just recently we changed up our memory keeping section which consists of recipe cards and albums, photo albums, guest books and scrap books. This time, Hallmark added a little twist to the change. They have added Shutter Fly into the equation. They have added frames, cut out frames and kits that use Shutter Fly to make things a bit more personable for their customers. Each Shutter Fly product also comes with a code on the back so that each customer can add their customized prints for free. Neat huh?

Recipe section:
In this section, you have all of your recipe essentials. There are recipe albums to document your favorite recipes which is a must have for any wife. I need one of these because I literally have a little recipe card box with all of my printed out recipes from the Internet. I have yet to organize them in an album and it gets too confusing sometimes. This section also has some cook books and recipe scrap books. Adorable.
Shutter Fly section:
Here are the Shutter Fly products that Hallmark has come out with. From picture frames to family trees to cut out picture frames. This section has everything you need to really make a house a home. With our upcoming PCS to Alaska, these frames are the perfect touch we need to add to our new home. I plan to purchase the family tree frame so I can document our growing family over the next couple years. You might see a baby Hayman appear in the family tree while we're in Alaska! Just saying! I also want to purchase the "Love" and "Home" cut out frames so I can add a different spin on picture frames in our new home.
Memory kit and album section:
This section introduces the memory kits that kids can make for their parents. The kits are called Pics n Props. There is one specifically for mom and one that is made for dad. Perfect Mother's Day and Father's day gifts. The kits come with everything needed to make a special gift for mom and dad.
The three sections all together. Looks awesome huh?
A close up of the kits for mom and dad.
Up close of the Home cut out frame. I fell in love with these when I realized we were getting them. I saw them in one of our Hallmark catalogs and knew we had to get them soon. You can also see the pet frame in the picture. I plan to purchase one of these frames to put Leo's picture in it, plus you can add your pet's name in the picture. Sweet.
The Love cut out frame. I plan to put our wedding photo in here. It will look amazing!
A close up of the family tree frame I will be purchasing. Using Shutter Fly, you can add pictures of your family in the leaf slots provided and also add your family name at the bottom. This is the neatest thing ever.
The next three photos are of the three photo albums I will be purchasing soon. I really want to have a photo album for each state that Jarrett and I live in together. For now, I will have an album for Maryland, an album for Virginia and now an album for Alaska. I want to purchase a tall coffee table to display pictures and these albums on.

This first album will be for Maryland. Jarrett and I met in Maryland, got married in Maryland and have family and friends there. I will document through pictures all of our wonderful memories there. 
Here is the Virginia album. A lot happened in Virginia. This was our first duty station, where we had our first home as a married couple, where we adopted our first furr baby Leo and much much more.
This will be our Alaska album. This album will be filled with many happy times I'm sure. I believe that there are many amazing opportunities awaiting Jarrett and I in Alaska. When our family and friends come visit, there will be an album for them to look through so they can see all the wonderful memories that we have made there. I mean, of course everyone will see pictures on the blog and on social media, but to have a hard copy of it all will mean everything.
This last photo is of one of the large photo albums that I want. I want this album for Jarrett and I. I want to tell our story through pictures. Boy is there a story to tell too! :)

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