Monday, March 18, 2013

Hey working girl, dress up your desk!

So, as I've stated before, I've been working nearly full time at one of my favorite stores, Hallmark, until I could find my full time position in my fields. I also hope to work at one in Alaska as well until I can find a great full time position there! I love this store so much and even hope to work at one part time when I do get caught in the hustle and bustle of a full time career.
We all know that Hallmark is known for their awesome, heart warming cards, but did you know that their stationary is completely fabulous as well? Well, I thought I'd take the time to give you working ladies a little advice for dressing up your desk at work and at the same time do a little marketing for the store. Below are pictures of all the new product they have come out with this year. I long for the day where I can dress up my office desk with these amazing products!
1. Desk box with notes and envelopes.
This is the cutest box ever and when you open it up you have note cards and envelopes.
You can either write yourself a note at work or send a little friendly note to a co-worker. Perfect!
Also, when you use up all the notes, you can turn the box into a little storage bin for other office supplies you might have.
The whole box.
The inside.
2. Desk caddy note set with pen.
I LOVE desk caddies. They always seem to come wrapped with a cute ribbon or something too,
so it becomes hard to actually want to open it and use it because it's so darn cute.
I almost just want to sit it on a desk and let it be decoration. This little set is just basically note cards with an adorable pen to use. I would use the cards to make my daily to-do lists!
3. Large desk set.
This set comes with a long note pad, two pencils, note cards and envelopes.
How neat is this? I would use the long note pad to make my grocery list
during my lunch break.
Plus, like what I've already showed you, they all come with a cute design.
You could also reuse the box to stuff with important notes and supplies.
 4. Make your own note tower.
Okay ladies! You cannot deny just how awesome this is.
For only $12.95, you pick three layers of note packs, a pen and a stretchy flower strap
then build your tower. This is perfect for the office or as an inexpensive gift.
 The whole note tower display.
Look for this in the stationary section of your local Hallmark store.
One of the note towers that I made.
I had a blast building it!
5. Desk caddies, notes and journals. Oh my!
This display is a little bit of everything.
We've got a mixture of different colored
desk caddies, more note sets and now journals.
Here you can color coordinate your desk supplies.
Love it!
6. Characters at work.
This display is also a little bit of everything except with your favorite characters.
Choose from Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, The Wizard of Oz or The Cat in the Hat.
You can pick a desk caddy, sticky notes, a journal or just a note set with pen.
The possibilities of what your desk could look like are endless.
Hoping you all have a great week at work and heres to dressing up your desk and me getting the chance to have a desk to dress up in the near future.

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