Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Alaska: The pros and cons!

So, ever since receiving the news of our orders, I have been preparing as much as I can already and thinking, thinking, thinking! Thinking way too much already. I cannot help it. I am a critical thinker and I've always been this way! I always try to prepare and organize as much as possible in everything that I do. Some may call me a perfectionist, say I have OCD, say I'm a little obsessed with getting things done or just say I'm a huge worry wart! Either way, I always try to be as prepared as possible! With my preparation, I love to make lists! I even make lists for my day and week! I also have a ton of other lists, but there are too many to name.

For Alaska alone, I've made a change of address list, things to get a head start on list, things to do before the move list, things to do on the drive there list and things to do once we get there list! Whew, I know it sounds exhausting, but making lists helps me out so much, especially for big events like this one! I have also made a pros and cons list! I made myself make this list because I found myself overwhelmed with worry when Jarrett told me the news! I found myself wanting change and adventure in our life, but I was so afraid of it! This was such big news with emotions of happiness and sadness all rolled into one. I knew this step was the best one for Jarrett and I, but I could not help but worry myself silly! I immediately began to weigh the pros and cons of this move! This is what I came up with:

-The move is wonderful for Jarrett's career and will be a stepping stone in Jarrett climbing the ranks in the Air Force

-We will be making over sees pay since Alaska is considered over sees(nice little added bonus).

-We will be living on base and will have plenty of housing opportunities. We will finally be able to live in a bigger house instead of our little shoebox townhouse(of which I do love, but I can't help but want a bigger place to call home).

-More job opportunities for me. We all know it's no secret that I have been on a career quest for a couple years now with no luck so far. Alaska's economy is far more better than the economy here in Virginia. The jobs in Alaska also have a significant starting pay than the jobs here do. I have already started my job search for Alaska and have already found many leads. I am hoping for the best once we get there.

-Another Hayman puppy. We were planning on purchasing another mini dachshund from our breeder when Jarrett returned home. I called our rental office as soon as we made the decision and then found out that we are only allowed one pet in the apartment. I was oh so mad when they told me that! Now that we are moving, the base housing at Elmendorf actually allows two pets, so now we'll be able to get our second puppy when we get there. I'm not positive if we'll be able to find another mini dachshund, but regardless we will be getting another puppy! So exciting!

-Two week road trip with the husband. Jarrett and I have decided to drive to Alaska instead of flying. I cannot wait! Alaska is a four day trip when you drive, but we have decided to take a full two weeks and make the drive to Alaska a road trip for us. We are going to make the move fun and adventurous!

-Positive testimonies. Jarrett and I know plenty of people that have been stationed at Elmendorf AFB and they LOVED it! We have heard nothing but good and positive things about the base and about living there. I love talking to people that have lived there. It's amazing to hear their stories!

-Adventure. Jarrett and I love the outdoors so much. Alaska has so many adventurous things to do. Hunting, fishing, hiking, climbing, etc. We want to do as many things as we can

-A wonderful place to start our family. Jarrett and I will be starting our family in the next two years and now it will be happening in Alaska. I have heard nothing but great things about starting a family there. This definitely puts my mind at ease about the whole subject matter.

-A nice new vacation spot for our family and friends. Everyone is already looking at plane tickets and saving their money to come visit us. An Alaskan cruise may be in order too!

-Being very far from family and friends: I am a very family oriented person, so to be so far away from everyone will be very hard to get use to. We have been so spoiled living here in Virginia with the means to travel back a forth to see family and friends. Now we have to learn to let go a little.

-Moving far away while not knowing anyone. At least Jarrett and I are in this together. The first time he's deployed will really be hard, but I will put on my big girl panties and suck it up just like I'm doing now!

-Starting a family far away from family. I hate the fact that we'll probably have our first child there and that I won't have my mom or be surrounded by a ton of family throughout the pregnancy, but my children will know their family. Plain and simple. They will know who their family is!

-The weather and seasons. It is no secret that Alaska is cold and that the summers are very very short. Also there's that whole darkness thing for a while. I will adjust to whatever weather I have to. People keep talking about how hard it is to get use to, but I know I'll adjust. It's not that big of a deal.

-I'll miss the Eastern Shore. All my life I have lived near the beach. I've heard there are beaches in Alaska, but I'll never forget Myrtle Beach, Ocean City or Virginia Beach. I'll miss Maryland and Virginia so much.

-High cost of living. Sure a gallon of milk in Alaska is $10 and gas is $7, but the higher salaries even everything out. Another weird thing to get use to, but we'll do it.

-The fact that a moose could be chilling in our yard at some point! That really scares me. Everyone keeps telling me to watch out for moose everywhere. Thanks for the warning guys!

So obviously the pros outweigh the cons. In every situation there are the good things and the not so good things. Even if the bad outweighed the good, we would still get through it! I have every faith and hope that this move will benefit us in so many ways. It is time for me to take a breath, be more of an adult than I've ever been, spend precious time with family and friends and just not worry about the future. No more worries!

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