Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend stuff and visits!

My weekend was fabulous! How about yours? Friday night my best friend from Maryland, Christina, came to visit for the weekend. She had a week of vacation from work, so what better way to spend it then come to Virginia for a long weekend. Especially now, since Jarrett and I are going to Alaska, it is so important that we spend as much time with friends and family as we can. I will still continue my posts of "Visits" and "Home Sweet Home" even when we are in Alaska. I know visits and trips home will be hard to do so frequently, but they will still happen and they will still be something amazing to blog about.
We have five months until Jarrett has to report at Elmendorf AFB, so we have five months left of having visitors and going to Maryland, so we are trying to fit as much in as we can. With Jarrett still deployed until mid April, I am having to deal with a lot on my own, so having my best friend here this weekend was exactly what I needed. Next on my agenda is an Easter weekend visit from my mom and Matt and then a trip home to Maryland when Erica has baby Austyn. I cannot wait for both of these occasions! Then Jarrett returns in the middle of April, of which I am over the moon about, and then we will return to Maryland in May for my younger brother's college graduation. Then at the end of May, if all works out, Jarrett and I will be taking a four day weekend with my dad and brothers to attend my cousin's wedding. It will be a sort of family reunion with my family of which Jarrett has never met. I cannot wait. Okay, I have strayed from my weekend stuff! :P
When Christina arrived at my house Friday night, we went out for a late dinner at Red Lobster. So so yummy. I love having late dinners sometimes. I usually eat dinner so early, but it was nice to go out and eat at a later time than I am use to. Saturday, I had to work as usual, so Christina had the whole day to just hang out at the house with Leo while I worked. Leo loves Christina by the way. I think the whole time she was here I was chopped liver. I literally did not exist to him. I guess I have to get use to it because when Jarrett returns home, I'll be chopped liver once again! After I returned from work, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner which was just heaven. I have been craving wings all week and they sure hit the right spot. After dinner we went shopping at the mall. I bought some new bras and attempted to start my cold weather clothing search, but most stores only have Spring and Summer clothes out now. Anything cold weather that was on clearance was already picked over. I did manage though to get an Under Armour breast cancer shirt that I absolutely love as you can tell in my first picture. I saw the shirt and immediately thought of my co-worker Ashley's mom. She has battled breast cancer and beat it. She is so amazing and such an inspiration to so many women. After dinner and shopping we came home and watched movies while playing with Leo.
Sunday, we slept in a little then went to Cinebistro to see Oz the Great and Powerful and have lunch. I wanted Christina to have the experience of Cinebistro while she was here because it is literally the best movie theater I've ever been to. She loved the theater just as much as I always have. The movie was awesome also. Just a little spoiler, the wicked witch is not who you may think it is! That is all I'm saying! Later on after we got home from the movies, we just stayed in and relaxed. We were so tired of eating all these huge meals that we decided to eat in for dinner. We were going to cook dinner, but then we just decided to eat sandwiches and chips instead. Our stomachs could not take much more. After dinner, we decided that we did not care about our stomachs anymore and went out for ice cream. Well, we wanted frozen yogurt, but they were closed already, so we ended up going to a really busy Cold stone. So delicious. After ice cream, it was time for The Walking Dead.
 Today was Christina's last day here. She ended up leaving around two so she could beat the traffic going out of Virginia. Before she left we went back to the mall and back to Victoria Secret to I could exchange my bras for larger sizes. We both ended up doing their 5 for $26 underwear too. A girl can never have too much underwear in my book. After the mall we went to Chickfila for a quick lunch before she had to leave.  Leo was really sad to see her leave. After she walked out of the door he whined and whined, but then finally stopped. He gets attached easily.
I am sad to see my wonderful weekend come to an end, but there are so many wonderful things ahead. Hoping there are wonderful things ahead for you as well.

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