Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Five: Easter Ramblings

Happy Friday everyone! Hope your week was fabulous. Mine was good, but long as usual. The next two weeks will probably go by slow for me since I'm counting down for Jarrett's return, but I'm hoping it won't seem so bad. I will be pretty busy with Austyn arriving and my little trip home to visit her, so hopefully these weeks will fly by. I want my husband asap!

On another note, I'm hoping you all have some nice plans for this upcoming Easter weekend! I know I do. I cannot wait to spend time with my family, eat good food together and celebrate and worship the return of our king!

1. So, Tuesday and Wednesday, with Easter coming up, I developed the biggest craving for my favorite Easter candies mini eggs and Cadbury creme eggs. Both days I went over to Farm Fresh on my lunch break and bought my little bags of mini eggs and a couple of creme eggs and just went to town on them. Yummy yummy! I can't wait to buy more when they go on sale after Easter!

2. Yesterday my mom and brother came to visit for Easter weekend. My younger brother is coming down tomorrow too. My brothers are leaving Sunday evening and my mom is staying until Tuesday. I hate that I have to work a lot while they are here but at least I get Easter Sunday off with them. I also have Tuesday off so I will get to spend a little more time with mom before she goes back.

3. I decided on a back up outfit for Easter just incase the weather decides to be weird that day. Virginia weather is so back and forth. One day it is in the 60's and the next day the high is in the 40's so you just never know what to wear. I originally bought my Easter dress at Marshall's and couldn't wait to wear it, but now they are calling for colder weather and rain on Easter. I decided to pick a back up outfit that was somewhat Easterish. I decided on grey trousers, a white blouse, a light pink cardigan and white open toe wedges. I can't wait to wear either outfit.

4. All week we have been trying to figure out of we want to cook or just go out to lunch for Easter. We finally just decided on keeping it simple for this year. We are going to Cracker Barrel after church instead of cooking. Usually my mom, my mother in law and I do a ham, all the sides and a dessert for Easter dinner, but we decided to just do a quick, cheap and easy meal at one of our favorite restaurants. Sounds like a plan to me.

5. I am seriously considering getting Easter pictures of Leo next Easter. I mean come on now. A wiener dog with bunny ears on? How stinking cute is that? Yes, very cute. I am definitely turning in to the dog owner I swore I would never be.

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