Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring has sprung!

Today was the official first day of spring which made me so happy. This will be my last real spring and summer on the eastern shore for four or more years, so I do not want to take this weather for granted! I will breath and take in this weather as much as possible before I have to switch to the cold and frigid weather of Alaska. I would love to take a moment and tell you just what I love about the beginning of spring.

1. Free Rita's Italian Ice: Every first day of spring Rita's offers a free regular Italian ice to their customers and it is so yummy! Today I did not get the chance to go to Rita's because I worked until six, ran errands and then came home completely exhausted. Plus the closest Rita's is twenty minutes away, so it was definitely a no go for me this time. Yes I was sad, but I will have many chances for Rita's before we leave! I will make it count!

2. Getting out my spring/summer decor: Ohhh man I love getting out my spring and summer decor! It feels me with such joy to put away all the winter decor and get out all the flowery, springy colors to surround my house and patio. I love it! My house is now filled with flower arrangements inside and out, beachy Yankee candles and beachy type scents in the bathrooms and bedrooms. I was also able to put out my spring wreath that I made last year. So exciting!

3. Reading outside on the patio: Even before today, we have had some amazing weather this week. The most perfect weather to sit on your porch and read a great book. I love reading outside. My favorite thing to do is go camping and then sit in a camp chair reading for hours and hours at a time. Heaven.

4. Staying lighter later: I love feeling as if I have more evening time when it stays light. I get off at five every day but Sunday and Monday and I still have all this energy to run errands and get stuff done around the house after working a long day. When it was getting dark at 5:30 all I wanted to do was get ready for bed and call it a night. Not anymore. It's getting darker later and I love it!

5. Walks with Leo: I love being able to take Leo for an evening walk. When it's cold outside I rarely take him for walks. I'll usually just let him play in the playground field when it's cold outside, but I feel like walks are better for him. When we get back to the house he is worn out so he's not as hyper in the evening after a walk. I love having a worn out puppy!

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